Sunday, December 18, 2016

December 18, 2016

Hey mom your probably still at church. We have to email a little earlier today but I just wanted to see when would be a good time to skype you. We have a family that offered for us to Skype  Sunday morning  Christmas day (Australian time). so I think that would be Christmas Eve at like 5 oclock for you. Would that be okay or do you want me to call on boxing day so that it is american Christmas day?

My computer has timed out! but I'm doing very good! I wasnt able to eat Christmas dinner with the mission because it had gluten so president came to my area and took me out to dinner this week! so cooll

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 11, 2016

I sincerely apologize for the last few weeks of emails. Mondays have been crazy! and the library was closed down for a while but here we go.

This last week was mostly meetings we had some large meeting every single day of the week! but the Lord blesses us for our efforts and so even though we only had a few hours in our area we were able to have some miracles. The other day we were on a train and I saw this man sitting alone with headphones (worst enemy) in. I felt I really needed to talk to him but I knew it would probably be awkward. "The other person always feels 10% more awkward than you" so I just pretended that it wasn't akward and sat there and waved until he took them out, hahaha but his name is Dermish. He has only been in Australia for a few days, he came over for school and had to leave his wife (of 12 days) back in India until she could get a visa! We had a very short chat but exchanged information. This week we met with him in the library and started to teach him. He loves reading and was so thankful for the Book of Mormon, he wants to learn why we are so happy all the time and understand God. This is a miracle because we were super busy but the Lord placed a person right in our path that really needed the Gospel. It makes me wonder how many people that we sit next to on the train or stand next to in the shopping line that are ready to receive the Gospel? but the Lord will bless us to know when we should open our mouths!

I also had another blessing this week. this week I have been studying a certain topic all week but I didnt feel like I was fully getting it, so I just continued to study it! and after a week of continual study I finaly got my answer. I received my answer at church in elders quorum class. I'm convinced that the lesson was only for me. The teacher (unknowingly) started to answer all of my questions I had been studying and it was such a relief! it strengthened my testimony that we can receive revelation at church "who would have known" haha but it took a little preparation on my part. I had to ask the right questions before I could get the right answers! I know that God loves each and every one of us! He is aware of what we need, and he WILL help us when we ask. Sometimes we get to be the person in class receiving revelation, and sometimes we get to be the awkward missionary that wont stop waving on a train. God can use us wherever we are, as long as we follow the spirit! His plan is perfect.

Invitation: I know that the Gopsel is true! and the truth can be found in the scriptures! I invite you to ask a question that has been bothering you and delve into the scriptures for an answer! you will find it!

I love you all have a great week! 

from Elder Wiser

this is part if the zone sitting on the wall
at a zone Preperation day! 

this is Elder Parau, Etilage, and myself with a beautiful sunset

this is a new way of missionary work haha
we crashed in on some other elders who thought it up!
they just wave a people during peak hour traffic and
direct people to

there was a member who was on a bus on his way home
from school  and he said that everyone in the bus
got on to because of it. . .success.

This is the zone that im in on our mission christmas party.
every zone Got a color and became a team for mini olimpics.
we are team red hahaa

i snuck in a picture with president during the talent show. 

this is Elder Lauaki
He came back to stay the night before a meeting the next day

and this is Elder Parau and I and the two missionaries
Elders Lauaki and Etilage! they get along great!

our ward christmas party was a Mexican
fiesta theme because its so hot
down here. so this is us posing in front of the
Mexican backdrop. . .the food was pretty good
and all gluten free!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December 4, 2016

Your going to beat me up ma! but today we only have a few minutes on the computer because we are having a large zone gathering! I am doing very well I love my companions! I will try to email next week but I will send some pics

Hey Father! it sounds like things have been pretty crazy back at home! you are one busy man!. Well things are going well here, its been awesome being in a tripanionship for so long. I feel like Elder Etilage, the golden, is doing good, I'm probably not the best trainer in the world but I sure love him to death! We have been having such a good time. its been cool to see the missionary evolution of the Cranbourne ward. There are so many families and investigators that I have grown to love here, I feel very blessed that I get to serve in this ward. Both my companions are awesome, hardworking, and very humble missionaries. its been great to work with my new mission president, he is such an inspiring man, we get to meet with him and council two or three times a month and I learn so much from him. I sure love you Dad! I will write a hand written letter to you for Christmas to be able to answer your other questions a little bit deeper. But I know that your work will go good. Your the right man for the job, and thanks dad! I know that you love me! I feel so blessed for the home life I have back at home because a lot of the struggling missionaries we get to work with stem from really challenging home lives, so because of yours and ma's righteous decisions your posterity has been greatly blessed! 

love your youngest but heaviest son Elder Wiser! 

this is nicole and nathan the investigatiors. . .
they were evicted last week and moved very far away

this is our christmas tree

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 27, 2016

Hey mother, this is your son Elder Wiser, I am sorry for not emailing this week because our library was closed, but I just happened to be in the office filling out some stake reports=) I am doing wonderful ma, I love you heaps I hope that your cruise was wonderful, are you safe? 

November 20, 2016

WOW it has definitely been a fast week. We had transfers and Elder Parau and I picked up the new (golden) missionary. his name is Elder Etilage ( e.t. lajgghhh) he is speaking English for the first time and so we both are trying are best to help him learn English. I thought I knew English but now that I am trying to teach it I realized that I have no idea haha.

So mistake of the week: We have been working with a less active member for a few weeks his name is Alfred he is 82 years old. and after offering to help for a while he finally said yes. so we set up a day to come and mow and whipper snip (weed eat) his lawn. So we were busy at doing that for a while and I was assigned to rake up all the grass clippings. After a while my hands started to get some big blisters because my calluses are completely gone now. So I went to the car to get some gloves and accidentally locked the keys in the boot (trunk) and all the doors were locked. . . so we were super locked out and we had to call the office to bring a spare key. and since we live far away we had to cancel a lot of our appointments that day =( 

Update for the week: Those investigators that we have been working with for a while, Nicole and Nathan, are doing awesome. they are the young Australian couple. They have been coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon. They met with bishop last week so that they could set up a marriage date before they get baptized. When we taught them about the word of wisdom they got super excited. They used to drink Alcohol coffee and tea, but they are giving them up because they know that God will bless them. They want to be baptized at the beginning of 2017! We found them while looking for unknown less active families and God directed us right to them! its cool how the gospel works

Miracle for the week: so again we were trying to find some less active members off the ward list and we decided to do "the five door rule" (when the family you try to contact is not home you knock the doors on the right and left and across the street) so we tried to visit the Scott family but we ended up knocking on this woman named Sarah's door. At first she kept saying I'm not interested and trying to close the door, but Elder Parau just kept asking questions and bearing testimony and then she told us that her 15 year old son has really been struggling and that she thinks God could help. So two days later we taught Sarah and Braden, they are very excited about learning the Gospel. They said they would read the pamphlet as a family and work together to learn. Just another example of how the Gospel can bless families! 

Something that I learned at church this week: Knowledge looks to the past and is based on experience, faith looks to the future and is derived from trust. If we keep looking to the past than it makes it hard to progress, (just like walking forward while looking backwards). But when we "look forward with faith" then we can see the challenges coming and trust that the Lord will help us to over come them even if we dont know how. We live in a time of miracles! I love the Gospel so much. It truly does make us all better people! have an amazing week

love Elder Wiser

This is the last day of Elder Lius mission!
He was my follow up trainer from last September to December.
He is from tiawan! but he is home now.
I really am going to miss him!

I dont know what kind of road kill this is but its like a huge lizard.

we got a referral for a family that lived in a tent
on the edge of our area so we walked some
dirt roads. we found them after a while haha

this is our new companion! Elder Etilage.
He is from Tahiti. Their native tounge is French
and so he is currently learning english.
His hobbies are spear fishing, a form of canoeing, and
surfing! he is the man!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November 13, 2016

Transfer news yay! So Elder Parau and I will be staying in the mighty Cranbourne ward of zion for another transfer. it is my fourth. elder lauaki is sadly leaving us! he is needed in the tongan program. he will be serving with his MTC companion so that is pretty cool Golden fire. elder Parau and I have been asked to train another New missionary. he is coming from tahiti but i dont know much about him right now other than he can sing and play guitar! im very excited to be staying in the area, we will be here for christmas! the ward is amazing! 

so we had a cool miracle last week. do you remember the matiu family, the one that elder lauaki bore his testimony and the spirit came in really strong. well they decided that their son needed to be baptised before christmas and so he was baptised this last week. and they asked elder lauaki to perform the baptism. it just goes to show how the Gopsel works. everyone is edified together! this Gospel is true! Miracles area real! i know that the priesthood authority is on the earth today, and that the saving ordinances are necesary! its always cool to see people enter into a covenant with heavenly father and jesus Christ to always follow him! it reminded me of my baptism. im so glad that we get to renew these promises every sunday at the sacrament table! the gospel is all inclusive! i love you all so much, have a great week

love elder wiser

John michael. he was baptised this last week

this is our zone meeting

elder lauaki

some great american pride pictures
 "trump might be president but Jesus Christ is king"


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November 6, 2016

I know that the priesthood is real! And all the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ have been restored using that very same power. We have seen miracles every day! This last Monday we had a large baskeball tournament with a lot of missionaries. One of the missionaries had a random seizure in the middle of the basketball court. I have never seen anything like it, it was a pretty scary moment and nobody had any idea what to do. He hadn't been breathing for quite along time and so someone said "give him a blessing." My companion, Elder Parau was right by his head, and so while he was still having a seizure my companion gave him a short but powerful blessing and as he closed in the name of Jesus Christ the missionary relaxed and started to breath again and he stayed stable until the paramedics came and took him to the hospital. This was really a wake up call for me because at any moment we could be called upon to excercise the Priesthood authority of God. We later went to the hospital to help get the missionary released but while we were in the waiting room we met a member named Sister Saros. (I have no idea how to spell that) her 3 year old son was bitten by a masquito and his body had an unknown reaction and doctors couldnt figure out what was happening to him. And she asked if we could give her boy a blessing if she was able to get into a short stay room. But after a while of waiting we got permission for myself and a new missionary from Utah to go back and see the missionary. We met the Elder and he asked if he could get another blessing. During his blessing it said that he was in the hospital for a reason but we don't know now but that we would find out why in the future. Right after giving him a blessing we went and found Sister Saros and her son in a short stay room. Her son just started to shake and the doctors still couldn't figure out what was happening and so we just drew the curtain and this brand new missionary, Elder Tripp gave his first blessing of healing. A very stressful moment but he payed close attention to the promptings of the spirit and the greatest sense of peace came over all three of us! It was yet another miracle with the priesthood. Everything worked out just perfectly for this 3 year old to get a blessing. Gods timing is perfect! And sister Saros's non-member parents live in our area so she asked if we could stop by and teach them. So we stopped by on Tuesday and we knocked on the parents door, Sister Saros was randomly visiting and so Sister Saros was actually the one that let us in the house and we had a very good experience and both the parents invited us back! so God works in very mysterious ways! But when we trust in him everything works out. We always need to be ready to follow the promptings of the spirit! This experience has really motivated me to improve and to continue to draw closer to God! I'm grateful that he allowed me to stand as a witness of these miracles. 
     Miracles like these happened every day this week but I do not have enough time to email them all! I love you all so much have an amazing week 

Love Elder Wiser

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 30, 2016

One of my new favorite slang terms is Fair dinkom, which means far out, at first I felt really weird saying it but people take it seriously, for example You would say "I just won 10,000 dollars" then I would say "wow mate, fair dinkom thats great!" you would smile and say "right"

Happy Halloween everyone, in Australia halloween is celebrated but it is not very big, people don't really trick or treat. The church puts on a party for every ward so that the kids have a safe place to dress up and get lollies. So we had our ward activity called a trunk or treat (which is funny because they call trunks boots and treats lollies) so the activity should be called boot and lollie. Anyway we had a really good turn out and a lot of less active members and investigators came and had a really good time!

Nicole and Nathan. They invited us to a BBQ (there was no shrimp on the barbie) but they are so sincere, they love praying together and they both came to church this Sunday. In our lessons last week, we talked about marriage before baptism and they said they would pray about it. After church on sunday they came up to us and announced that they would be talking with both of their families about having a civil marriage "soon like very soon" in the words of Nathan. In the lesson they said "so what do i have to do to be sealed?" and "where do I have to sign to become a member because I want to join" its honestly so great, they have changed quite a bit since we first met them, they seem to be a lot happier and more importantly there relationship with God is growing! I know that the Gopsel of Jesus Christ strengthens families! and I know that families are eternal! I love my family and knowing that we have a greater purpose, and knowing that I was sent to my family for a reason makes me want to work even harder to be better! we are not always perfect but thats when we use the Atonement of Jesus Christ to correct our wrongs and forgive and forget! I love the Gospel! 

Our ward is amazing! We just got a new elders quorum and ward mission leader and they are all so gun! We have been going on rescue visits twice a week and so many families are being helped! Just another testimony the the gospel is centred on families! The hearer and the teacher are edified together! When missionaries and members work together that is where its at! will you ask the missionaries to teach a non member in your home or ask them when they have rescue visits and attend with them?

I read a scripture that struck me this morning! Alma 29:4-5. it talks about God granting blessings according to our desires weather they be good. . .OR bad. it really made me think of what my desires are, because if I have selfish desires I will have selfishness restored unto me, if I have sincere desires I will have sincerity restored unto me. Give that scripture a read and let me know what you think. I know the scriptures are true

Love you heaps 

Love Elder Wiser

My companions 

this is my dream car haha stingray! 

this is a 1450 harley and it has 22 inch ape
hangers, they are so not legal but the
guy was very happy
when i knew what they were.

this is elder lauaki sleeping in his suit
he was so tired he couldnt even change.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

October 23, 2016

Hello every one, we had another grouse (really cool) week in the land down under. We had some funny experiences though. We got a different car to drive for this week because our last week had some technical difficulties, actually the whole motor was destroyed. It will be an experience that I will never forget. So in Australia we call gas (Petrol) and our car is a petrol car. . . and there was a small mix up between the petrol and diesel pumps and so the car was filled to the brim with diesel, and non of us noticed until the car started to backfire on the high way! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .It was a pretty long process to get it fixed but the Lord blessed us and everything worked out with getting a tow truck and stuff. The office was amazing, even though they had all rights to be irritated they handled it very calmly and with charity. Just another testimony of christlike leadership. But we had some really cool miracles. We have had a lot of people come out of the wood work and ask to be taught. The ward got very excited about missionary work and when ever someone comes into church that they don't know they invite them over for dinner of family home evening and bear testimony! Its been really amazing! I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth! It is found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!  

Love, Elder Stanton Wiser
Elder Lauakis' first strawberry.

the Clark family! They take such good care of me!

the zone finding! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October 16, 2016

Wow! This week was again very crazy! I love my companions they are so awesome and you will hear more about them in this letter, but to start off with a fun fact. In Australia, math is always plural so you would say "I have maths class" or my favorite subject is Maths" or "my Maths teacher" and bloody nose does not have a "Y" on the end so you would say "I have a blood nose." hahaha

This week we had some random miracles. We were driving in the car and this man gave a friendly wave at our car so we stopped and got out to talk to him. haha It sounds awkward just waving at a car and then they flip around and three guys in suits jump out to meet you. But it wasn't awkward. His name was bradley and he was walking with his girlfriend Crystal. We shared a little message and invited them to church and Bradley actually came, Crystal wasn't feeling well. But we will be meeting with them again this week. 

Then later in the week we were driving again, and we passed a park with a man sitting on a bench and I just really felt that we needed to talk to him, but we were already going to meet someone so I kinda brushed off the thought and drove around the corner but then it came back so I just pulled over and said we needed to talk to that man, and my companion, Elder Lauaki said that he had the same feeling so we jumped out really quick and while we were walking back to the park we met a man named Jared. He is from Zimabwe and he is so cool! We talked to him right in the middle of the road and gave him a book of mormon and set up a return apt. and then after we talked with him we went to the man in the park. and he could not really speak english, so the spiritual prompting to talk to him was just so we would get out of the car and meet up with Jared. At first we didn't understand that but Heavenly father knew what the plan was.

This week our bishop gave us a member that we could visit and help because a tree fell on the back of her house during some bad wind storms. We knocked on her door and there was nobody home so we decided to go look at the tree. haha We went into the back yard and decided it would be really cool if we got the tree off the roof before they came home.  So Elder Parau jumped on the roof and we all pushed the tree down and then started breaking off branches and carrying them to the front yard.  But the trunk was way too heavy to carry. but on our way out we just happened to find a hack saw. . . coincidence?... I think not.. . .and we cut this huge tree in half and then carried the first half out. But the second half had the roots and was really heavy. We tried to lift it but we couldn't. and my wonderful new companion, Elder Lauaki taught us a lesson and he said in his very simple english. . . "lets pray and then lift it". . .so he said a very humble prayer that explained we were not strong enough to lift it and that we needed strength to help this member. and then we all reached down and lifted up this tree, that we could not lift before, and carried it all the way to the front yard! It was definitely not easy but we were just barely strong enough to get it there. It reminded me that literally anything is possible with the Lord, even getting stronger instantly to carry a tree out of someones yard. It was a real testimony builder for me! 

     Something that really stood out to me from conference this week was the talk by Elder Oaks as he talked about missionary work. He invited every member of the church to pray for a chance to share the gospel to someone that was willing to recieve the restored Gospel. It is a bold promise but when we pray for our own individual missionary experience, we will see them. If Heavenly father will answer a prayer and give me physical strength to lift a tree, oh how much more would he give us strength to share the everlasting Gospel to one more of his beloved children. This Gospel is true! and we can find that out for sure by reading the book of mormon and asking the source of truth and knowledge, Heavenly Father, I love you all have a great week! 

Love Elder Wiser

this is the tree that we moved! it was a very good day!

this is our food and some slefies

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October 9, 2016

This week has been crazy!  My new companion, Elder Parau is the man! He is an amazing soccer player! and he sounds exaclty like a french guy. So I have learned some french this week. But when I went to the office to pick up Elder Parau I got quite a surprise! President found me and said "Elder Wiser I need to talk to you". . . . (my heart was racing and I started to think if there was anything I did wrong) and he pulled me aside and said, "Elder Wiser we had a change in plans and we are actually getting an extra missionary and I meant to tell you earlier, but you and Elder Parau will be training him!!!" So Elder Parau and I are in a tripanionship. the golden (new) missionary is named Elder Lauaki, he is strait from Tonga! This is his first time outside of Tonga! He speaks english very well. He is so humble and all he wants to do is work. Elder Parau and I had a meeting and so we left Elder Lauaki with some neigboring missionaries, and when they took him trackting he kept knocking on the door over and over. and after a while the missionaries said "how long will you knock on the door" he replied "until they answer" and when nobody came to the door he started to teach the door about the book of mormon in his best english! I love my companions to death! We will see miracles.

I LOVED GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!! There was so much that I loved. I will share some of the things that stood out to me over the next couple of weeks! but this first week I would love to share about what our dear prophet said. He spoke twice, once about the power of living the word of wisdom (in the priesthood session) and once about the plan of salvation! They both we short powerful talks. When we follow the word of wisdom we are blessed spiritually and temperally which makes this life alot easier. I believe when we follow the word of wisdom we will recieve phisical and spiritual strength. and as he spoke of Jesus Christ being the center of the Plan of Salvation the spirit was so strong! I sustain Thomas S. Monson! He is a prophet of God and he knows exactly what we need to hear! I know that he holds all the keys necessary to make it back to live with heavenly father! Jesus Christ was the perfect example and he set his church up perfectly. The Church of Jesus Christ is that very same church restored in the latter days! I love you all 

God bless

love Elder Wiser

PS - Mom, I love the pictures! and I absolutely loved conference! I had so many talks that reminded me of how you and dad raised me! During the last talk Elder Nattress talked about his mom reading the book of mormon to him every morning because" she would not loose him" and it reminded me of the faithfulness you and dad have. When you and I were working in the garden and having all of our "chats." We could have talked about random stuff and bag on others but our talks were always uplifting and related to the gospel, that was because of your faith and your diligence in teaching. When dad took me motorcycling we found a small grassy plain and kneeled and prayed together and then took time to ponder, we could have just kept riding but dad took the time to teach me a lesson. Shayna used to take me out all the time to get ice cream just so she could spend time with me and tell me that she cared. She was so busy but she took time out for me. Sterling used to try and get me grounded just so that we could spend time together. He actually cared about me and liked me (his younger brother) even though its not the cool thing to do. Shelby used to fall asleep with her light on (on purpose) so when I came home late I would turn it off but it would always turn into a long chat! its because Shelby loves me and she cares about me! All of these examples are showing that families are built upon principals of love and trust and spending time together. because of you and dads choices and your examples of loving others we all are following along! I love you so much mom! your my hero! I hope that I can affect others lives the way you have effected mine! and all of these thoughts came rapidly as Elder Nattress talked about his moms example and it was very uplifting. I want all families to have what I have!

love Elder Wiser

Sunday, October 2, 2016

October 2, 2016

"How are yous going?"

To be an Aussie, if you desire to greet a single person you would ask them "how are you going?" the typical response is "Good Mate, You?" but if you are speaking to a group, simply ad an "s" on "you" so it becomes plural. "How are yous going?" 

This week went by so fast. It was the last week of the transfer. I will be staying for another transfer in the mighty Cranbourne ward of zion. Sadly my companion Elder Halsey will be leaving to go serve in a place called Greenvale. His companion will now be Elder Wheeler from Pleasant View Utah. My new companion is from New Calidonia. His name is Elder Parao. . I don't fully know how to spell it because I have only heard it verbally but it is pronounced Pa-dow. I'm really excited I will let you know more about him once I meet him. I will be meeting him tomorrow at the mission office. He has been out on his mission for a while.

We had a really cool experience at district meeting this last week. The picture of all the elders was taken right after district meeting. For this last district meeting of the transfer our district leader wanted to have a testimony/share our vision we recieved in the temple. So Elder Holt (our district leader) gave a training on being tact in missionary work and just went over our calling. Then we all took turns bearing our testimony. The spirit slowly filled the room and all of us felt so Good. Even though we hear testimonies so often, the spirit still bears witness that they are true. Its so amazing that God allows us to feel the spirit so often and frequently. Once we are baptised we qualify for the spirit in our lives, all we have to do is remain worthy and then listen. Whenever we truly listen to the spirit we can feel its effects. I have a testimony that has been confirmed and re-confirmed by the power of the Holy Ghost. I am so grateful for it.

We taught Nicole and Nathan again this week. They are so awesome. They got really sick on Saturday and they weren't able to attend church, but they were super sad about missing it. In our last lesson we taught about the family proclamation to the world and also prophets and then turned it into the restoration. They announced they would be getting married on valentines day 2018 which is kinda a long time away. But it will all be on the Lords time. The partner, Nathan, has never believed in God and since he started he has a solid determination to attend church every week and repent continually. His motivation is to become the husband and father his family deserves! and Nicole is doing everything she can to help him on the path. They are wonderful. Its such a miracle to see their lives changing. 

this last weekend was the grand final. Which is like the super bowl in America for the sport "aussie rules football" its a pretty cool sport to play. Look it up and see what you think. but the grand final is crazy. they tell us to not tract or street contact because everyone is so hyped up and usually drinking. Friday is a national holiday so that everyone can watch the pre game parade and get mentally ready for the game on Saturday! its really cool. everyone says that Australia is not very patriotic but they just show it in a different way. When it comes to sports everyone bands together.

On Sunday we went to the mission president fireside, which is for all of the investigators less active and recent convert members. It was really cool. I love hearing from president and sister Vidmar. after the meeting on of the members in our ward asked if she could have a blessing. and so to give her a blessing we needed another person to join us and President was standing right there so we asked him to help us out. It was a really great experience, Presidnet Vidmar explained the principal of faith when it comes to blessings and then offered a prayer to invite in the spirit. The member asked Elder Halsey to annoint and me to give the blessing. I know that the priesthood power has been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith so that we could have it on the earth today! I love this Gospel. It changes lives constantly! I'm really excited to listen to General Conference this coming week. If any of yous have any insights from conference I would love to hear about them. and I have loved hearing the missionary experiences. love you all

love Elder Wiser

This is the sign that welcomes us into Cranbourne! 

This is the Moe district! Elders Holt and Shreeve are the tallest. 
Elder Wison has glasses, Elder Jacinto and Prestousa 
are from the philipines, and elder carroll is from Australia. Great people

these are our service clothes, we mowed some lawns pulled weeds and 
moved a bunch of hard rubbish for an elderly lady this week.

Monday, September 26, 2016

September 25, 2016

Hello everyone! it has been another amazing week down in great South East Australia. Our weather here is currently getting warmer. We are coming into spring. and all the flowers are blooming, the weather is comparible to the end of March and early April in America.

    These last few weeks we have seen some really cool miracles. We were able to go to the temple on the 22nd, and the whole zone went trying to catch a vision for our individual areas. When we all came back together to talk about what we feel our areas can achieve, they all were the same thing. It was to be more obedient to the promptings of the spirit. It was really cool, and we have all been trying to fine-tune ourselves to the feelings of the Holy Ghost. The more we listen the more miracles we see! I know it's not a new thought. but it is still works :) 

This last Sunday, we walked through the front doors and the first counselor asked me if I could give a ten minute talk in few minutes. I had no idea what I was going to say but my topic was rescue visits. The first scripture that came to my mind was Enos. When he felt his guilt swept away the first thing he did was pray for his brotheren that they could have the truth as well. and then I thought of Lehi's dream, once he tasted of the fruit (love of God) he wanted to share it with his family. and then Saul after he had a change of heart became one of the greatest missionaries. The fact is when we gain a greater understanding of the atonement we will also gain a greater desire to share it with others. When someone asks us what our favorite brand of car, sports team, or food, we don't hesitate to tell them which one is the best. but sometimes we can feel more timid when they ask us what our spiritual beliefs are. I believe Joseph Smith said "at the center of the gospel is the atonement of Jesus Christ, all other teachings are merely appendages to it". The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest gift that we could give to our friends. I would like to invite everyone to ponder what the Atonement means to you, and how it has changed you recently. and then share your thoughts with someone you think you use it. you will be able to feel the spirit whenever you talk about the atonement.\

We had 3 investigators come to church this week which was a miracle, barbara who comes every week and then nicole and nathan. they are the young couple that we started teaching. i think they enjoyed it. they brought along their 8 month old baby and had a pretty good experience, we will be going back to teach them on tuesday! i love being on the mission. it has been the greatest blessing! its been so great because i have been able to see the atonement work more in my life and in the life of others. The atonement is real. only through Christ can a redemption be made. 2 ne 2

thank you all of all that you do for me! have an amazing week

love elder wiser
this magpie that got very territorial kept swooping me and trying to peck my head haha. 
some random pictures of elder halsey and I and the scenery

Elder Halsey and I went to the temple