Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October 9, 2016

This week has been crazy!  My new companion, Elder Parau is the man! He is an amazing soccer player! and he sounds exaclty like a french guy. So I have learned some french this week. But when I went to the office to pick up Elder Parau I got quite a surprise! President found me and said "Elder Wiser I need to talk to you". . . . (my heart was racing and I started to think if there was anything I did wrong) and he pulled me aside and said, "Elder Wiser we had a change in plans and we are actually getting an extra missionary and I meant to tell you earlier, but you and Elder Parau will be training him!!!" So Elder Parau and I are in a tripanionship. the golden (new) missionary is named Elder Lauaki, he is strait from Tonga! This is his first time outside of Tonga! He speaks english very well. He is so humble and all he wants to do is work. Elder Parau and I had a meeting and so we left Elder Lauaki with some neigboring missionaries, and when they took him trackting he kept knocking on the door over and over. and after a while the missionaries said "how long will you knock on the door" he replied "until they answer" and when nobody came to the door he started to teach the door about the book of mormon in his best english! I love my companions to death! We will see miracles.

I LOVED GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!! There was so much that I loved. I will share some of the things that stood out to me over the next couple of weeks! but this first week I would love to share about what our dear prophet said. He spoke twice, once about the power of living the word of wisdom (in the priesthood session) and once about the plan of salvation! They both we short powerful talks. When we follow the word of wisdom we are blessed spiritually and temperally which makes this life alot easier. I believe when we follow the word of wisdom we will recieve phisical and spiritual strength. and as he spoke of Jesus Christ being the center of the Plan of Salvation the spirit was so strong! I sustain Thomas S. Monson! He is a prophet of God and he knows exactly what we need to hear! I know that he holds all the keys necessary to make it back to live with heavenly father! Jesus Christ was the perfect example and he set his church up perfectly. The Church of Jesus Christ is that very same church restored in the latter days! I love you all 

God bless

love Elder Wiser

PS - Mom, I love the pictures! and I absolutely loved conference! I had so many talks that reminded me of how you and dad raised me! During the last talk Elder Nattress talked about his mom reading the book of mormon to him every morning because" she would not loose him" and it reminded me of the faithfulness you and dad have. When you and I were working in the garden and having all of our "chats." We could have talked about random stuff and bag on others but our talks were always uplifting and related to the gospel, that was because of your faith and your diligence in teaching. When dad took me motorcycling we found a small grassy plain and kneeled and prayed together and then took time to ponder, we could have just kept riding but dad took the time to teach me a lesson. Shayna used to take me out all the time to get ice cream just so she could spend time with me and tell me that she cared. She was so busy but she took time out for me. Sterling used to try and get me grounded just so that we could spend time together. He actually cared about me and liked me (his younger brother) even though its not the cool thing to do. Shelby used to fall asleep with her light on (on purpose) so when I came home late I would turn it off but it would always turn into a long chat! its because Shelby loves me and she cares about me! All of these examples are showing that families are built upon principals of love and trust and spending time together. because of you and dads choices and your examples of loving others we all are following along! I love you so much mom! your my hero! I hope that I can affect others lives the way you have effected mine! and all of these thoughts came rapidly as Elder Nattress talked about his moms example and it was very uplifting. I want all families to have what I have!

love Elder Wiser

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