Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December 20, 2015

  so this week was so crazy! we had the missionary Christmas party with all of us in the mission! i got to meet up with my whole MTC district! they are champions! and i will sent pictures but i got a picture with four missionaries and we are all from weber high! YYYAAA go weber high! i get to talk with you guys this week! i am really looking forward to it! i even got my hair cut today;) i got a bunch of packages from home! you guys spoil me so much! thank you thank you thank you! i haven't opened any of them yet because they all so don't open until Christmas! i wont lie i was really tempted! but im holding out! 
     so this week we were in a members home giving a spiritual thought and my phone started to buzz so i pulled it out to turn it off and i read the name  "PRESIDENT MAXWELL" my heart sunk, he never calls specific missionaries unless there is news! so we ducked out real quick and when i answered he sounded really sad and almost hesitant! i was so nervous i thought he was going to tell me something about my family! but he said that there is an emergency transfer and they need someone to fill a hole in a different area. so i will be leaving tomorrow to go to a place called church hill park! i don't know anything about my new companion except he has only been out for three weeks so i will be finishing training him! and i have been told that the ward im going to is fantastic! the elder that left was the district leader and so i will be filling his role of district leader, and that's all i know right now! but i will give you more information when i call on Christmas! 
     i wont be able to set up the call until tomorrow because i don't know anything about the new area but i will get to you soon! 
     oh so good news cassie and her family came to church this week! it was so amazing! the speakers were awesome and they seemed to enjoy it! but they left very quickly after sacrament because of the heat! it was around 90 something degrees inside the chapel! we were getting cooked! but we are really excited that they are progressing! i am sad that i am leaving them at this point but elder liu is fantastic and he will carry on the work! 
     i have a picture on my camera of the temperature this Thursday! it hit 43 degrees C. which is 109 degrees F. so it was pretty warm! but where ever we went people let us in to stay out of the heat haha! we were using the weather to our advantage! 
     sorry that this letter is so short i ran out of time! but i have been focusing my studies on the prophets and apostles words and on the new testament the last few weeks! i have really learned a lot about the power of the atonement of Jesus Christ! that is the greatest gift we could ever be given! he is always there for us to strengthen and lift us! he knows who i am and my faults and weakness but also my strengths! and he will use all of them for my good! MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone that reads this! i hope you have an amazing Christ centred Christmas! i love you all! 
love elder wiser

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 13, 2015

Hello Everyone

Sorry I am really short on emailing time but I will try to give you the best summery ever! So last p-day we went to this place called One Thousand Steps, I thought 'hey only one thousand steps I probably ran like 50 thousand when I was in wrestling." so we take off up these steps and that was when I truly realized how out of shape I am!!!! :( at like two hundred I was breathing hard! darn-it. But it's okay, the place was so beautiful! it's like being in the middle of the rain forest! 

     On Wednesday we got a call to help out with the demolition of a members home! so Elder Liu and I got hammers and sledge hammers and went to town tearing out everything we could! It was a blast. The inside of the walls had been completely eaten out by termites and it was all mouldy and stuff so it was really easy to rip everything out! 

    So awkward moment for the week! Two months ago we were trying to meet with these two boys named Troy and Piolo, they are brothers, and they seemed really interested but when we knocked on the door the dad came to the door and told us to leave, he was a Baptist and he didn't want us confusing his children. We were persistent for a while about letting his children choose for themselves but it wasn't getting us anywhere. So we left and the father was very unhappy at us. 

Okay now to this week! We were invited to go to the Rimando family for dinner again, the same family that I broke the guitar string and Elder Liu shatterd the glass all over the food at dinner. So we show up and he says that he invited his brother that we have never met. His brother walked in and both Elder Liu and I recognized him but we couldn't remember where from and so we just sat quietly trying to remember and then his two sons showed up, and there names were Troy and Piolo and then it all clicked! This man sitting across the table from us had told us to leave his family alone and now we were sitting across the table awkwardly trying to talk and be friends haha! His wife had no idea and neither did the Rimando family! There was some tension not going to lie! but we shared a message about how God loves everyone out of the bible, so it wouldn't upset them more. but what a small world haha! 

     So this week we met with Cassie and her family and they are still progressing, but very slowly :( its heart breaking. they are doing really well with the lessons but church is still not a priority for them! we will keep trying though!

    Tiffany and Brodie, they have a fear of church and are very sensitive so if we ask them to come to church they feel like they are being pushed to get there! I wish that they could see it was all out of love for them but we will meet with them again and see if they still have a desire.

     Ross was too sick last week to meet with him! He was in and out of the hospital:( but this week should be alright! 
this week was wonderful though! I continue to learn more and more about life and people and the gospel! I'm so glad that I am able to be on a mission! it is the greatest thing that I could be doing! I have learned so much by studying the conference talks! The gospel is simple, and it all relates back to Jesus Christ! He is the foundation! all of the commandments and rules that we are given can all be related back to Christ and his love and us showing our love to him by obedience! I love the gospel so much! the church is true! the prophets and apostles are called of God to lead the church through perilous times! and Heavenly Father loves every single one of his children! have an amazing week 

Love Elder Wiser

This is at One Thousand Steps

When I was on echanges with elder theurer we went to the bug mans house! these are leaf bugs and they just crawl all over the place

and this lovely dish of food was fried pork belly mixed with jellied pork blood . . . . . it actually didn't taste to bad, its a Pilipino dish

Adventures of Tuffy! I found a Pomeranian shiatsu down under

Sunday, December 6, 2015

December 6, 2015

Hello Everyone
So there is an Aussie term "she'll be right" and it basically means that everything is okay so go away;) people say this a lot when they want to get us off there porch "she'll be right mate she'll be right"!

      So Elder Liu and I made a really good goal this week! We decided to run every single morning, so we have been waking up early so we have enough time to run this loop that is about 2.5 miles. That's not very long but the hills here are so steep that we basically crawl up them:) and then slide down the other side =) 

     So this week we had a ward Christmas party! After some debate between going to a lake or a public swimming pool and some other ideas, the ward decided to have a huge BBQ. It was so hot, it was such a cool experience! A bunch of the youth set up a big Christmas tree and talked about all of the symbols of Christmas and where we got all of the traditions, and then about the real meaning of Christmas! and best of all Cassie and her family came! I think they had a really good experience and the four daughters have all made friends with girls their age in the ward! So Elder Liu and I were really excited about it! Cassie and her family is doing really good! We're going to have to move there baptisimal date back because some stuff came up and they couldn't get to church :( but they said they are coming next week! 

    Tiffany and Brodie didn't come to church ether! They really enjoy the lessons but they say they have anxiety of the large group of people:( so we will just keep working on them!

     But we had a really cool experience this week. We had an appt. at a public park that we had high hopes for but it fell through. So we walked around and started talking with everyone and this lady invited us to sit down with her family strait away! Her name is Clare, she has had a really tough life and is just starting to turn it around! After we got to talking we figured out that she has been trying to find God! We shared with her the plan of salvation and sang the hymn "Families Can Be Together Forever" right there in the middle of the public park! We have way high hopes for them! it built my testimony that even though things might seem bad, there can be good that comes out of it! I cannot comprehend how God works, but I do know that when I trust him everything works out! He loves us and knows what is best for us! and he will take care of us! no matter what! I feel so blessed that I have been raised in a home that has the gospel! and I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to be sharing what has made my family so happy! I am also so glad that we have prophets and apostles on the earth today! I have been reading the conference talks over and over again and they words and ideas that were spoken came from God! One thing that has stood out to me lately is that the gospel is simple! I think Uchtdorf puts it best when he says "if the gospel isn't working for you, then simplify" can I give you all a challenge? this goes to everyone that reads this, go back and read the general conference talks again out of the November Ensign! will you do it? the talks truly apply to our daily issues. and the spirit will bear testimony of the simple truths that can help as you read the talks again! I love you all have an amazing week!

Love Elder Wiser

P.S. Sister Adams daughter-in-law, Tara Adams is coming to Utah next week. She is leaving on the 13th and she is bringing a package from me to you:) What a nice lady! She said that she would be willing to bring anything back home with her. 

I love you mom! I am praying for you and your surgery!  I hope you can feel them ;) 

AND I GOT YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!! I love it! that is the greatest thing ever, and I have received a bunch of ornaments, it's all set up in my flat I will send you a picture! I love you
love your best son that has brown hair and the same foot problems;)
Elder Wiser

this is our ward Christmas activity! its a BBQ!

this is some tag art from another pday on mount Dandenong!

this house went all out on Christmas! but the family was wearing shorts and t-shirts and got sunburnt when they were putting them up haha
I got the Christmas tree! thank you so much to everyone that sent the little ornaments! your guys are so amazing! I love you I love you I love you! it makes me so happy!
lexis mom deb bought us Christmas gifts =)