Thursday, June 15, 2017

June 14, 2017

He's Home!!!!!

Welcome Home Elder Stanton Wiser
He will be reporting his mission on June 18, 2017 at 1:00 pm
the address of the church is 250 West Elberta Dr. Pleasant View

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

June 6, 2017

Wow, not to be trunky but this is my last email.

Time has flown by! I can't believe that these two wonderful years have gone by so fast! its almost like a blur. I have had so many amazing experiences and funny stories happen in the time that i have been here. it would take a lifetime to get through all of the experiences i have had. and there is no possible way that i can express with words how I feel about my mission!

This last week was a bitter sweet week. Eddie the investigator we were working with prayed and received an answer!!!!! his answer was "not yet", when he told us that he didn't want to get baptized yet my companions and I all felt like we should praise him! Its awesome that he received an answer from God that spoke peace into his heart! he recognized it. and he expressed that he is not giving up, the key word in his answer was "yet" that implies that it will happen sooner or later! I admire him for his diligence in studying! 

We had a huge musical fireside! Elder Carroll was the mastermind behind all of it! We had such an amazing turn out! President Vidmar came to speak and there were singers from all over Melbourne! One of the members was trying to count and there was 250+! blessings! The spirit was strong, the fireside was focused on Jesus Christ and we had bible videos that matched the songs! it was a really amazing experience! elder Carroll really wanted me to conduct the meeting, I was surprised at how nervous I got! but we have the whole musical fireside recorded so I will be able to show you!

I wish I had the words to explain how I feel! but I will give it a try! I know that their is a God, we call him Heavenly Father! He loves me so much. He has guided me through my whole mission. I have not been perfect, and when I fall short, I would pray and ask for help, and he would calm me down and bring new ideas into my head, open up new avenues that I never thought were possible. He has answered my prayers, sometimes with words spoken into my mind, sometimes with powerful feelings, sometimes with people placed in my path, and sometimes with silence. Gods timing is perfect! if things dont happen when I want them to . . . .its better than if they did! God sent his only begotten son, to dwell with us in the tabernacle of clay. Jesus Christ suffered for all of our sins! He made it possible to become clean again, to be washed from all of our sin. He can strengthen us when we fall short! The book of Mormon has fulfilled its purpose for me, it has drawn me closer to Jesus Christ! I know that the Book of Mormon was written by prophets in the ancient Americas, I believe every single story within its covers! it has helped me so much on my mission! if you are looking for answers, or peace, or comfort, then read the book of Mormon everyday! one of the greatest things I have learned on my mission is how much God truly loves me! He has a plan for all of us!

I love you all

see you soon!

love Elder Wiser

Thursday, May 25, 2017

May 14, 2017

Happy Mothers day Mom! 

Oh hey the office staff loves to give me a hard time and so they sent me my death letter early. . .  . .it has all my flight details in it. i dont know if they told you or not but my flight will be landing around 7 or something 7:30 ish on the 14th of June. . .   it was very good to be able to talk to you mom! i love you so much! you look like you are doing wonderful! just as beautiful as ever! you mean everthing to me! 

love your youngest son!

Elder Wiser

Elder Meepralom

some of our flat! dirty flat. haha 

elder Meepralom has a sweet tooth

my dying letter

the warf

this is from the back of the mcfaddens home!
and their wonderful dog willis

May 24, 2017

Wow so its really starting to get cold down here! Winter here we come! I study every single day with a portable heater right in front of me, and wherever I move around the house it moves with me! Things have been going great though.

So quick explanation, I did not email on Monday for two reasons. First, we got special permission to attend the Victorian markets and they are not open on Mondays and Wednesdays so we switched our preparation day this week. and second, preparation days are no longer on Mondays anyway! As of this week they have been officially changed to Wednesdays. So next week I will not email on Monday it will be Wednesday! But we went to the city this morning and got to search and bargain for all of the Aussie stuff! It was a pretty cool place, there was just a million and a half stands of everything you can think of and you have to battle your way through people just to get a look. We had a good time! I got some good stuff. hopefully I can fit it in my luggage 

So my companions are great! Elder Carroll and Elder Meepralom are so wonderful to be around, I wouldn't have wished for anything else. Our area is doing pretty good! We have been working on a lot of upcoming actives. Elder Carroll had the idea to do a ward musical fireside and we said we would take care of it all. . . and one thing lead to another and now we are setting up for a multi-stake musical fireside and President Vidmar is coming to speak. We are so excited but so nervous haha. There is so much planning that goes into these things, and Elder Carroll takes care of most of it. I am so grateful to all of the leaders in the church who made sure we had great activities to go to. They do more than I could ever imagine. I will be so much more grateful from now on. The good news is I will not be singing! I will let you know how it goes!

We have quite a few part member families that we are working with. Our most progressing investigator right now is named Eddie. He is fantastic. He is Samoan, He is dating a member in our ward and it really sparked his interest in the church. He is active seventh day Adventist and attends every Saturday and then attends with us every Sunday! At first we were worried he was just doing it for his girlfriend but it has come to the point that he will come whether she comes or not!. We had a very spiritual lesson this last week and he said that he was going to put it all on the table, he will be preparing to make his first covenant with the lord on the 4th of June if he gets his answer! We will be fasting for him! Its definitely not easy for him. He has faced some challenges on his journey and will still face some more but I know that God will provide a way! I feel so blessed to be able to meet with people that have as much faith as he does! 
So we have been reading the Book of Mormon for 11 questions of the soul. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do I need to change and repent if God already loves me? Whats the purpose of life? etc and it has been so amazing! I cant believe how many answers I have found to each question! One of the ones that has really stood out to me lately was Helaman 3:35. Give that a read. It says that as we are humble and yield our hearts to the Lord, fasting and praying oft. then we will be filled with JOY and CONSOLATION. and it will purify and sanctify our hearts. I think its absolutely beautiful! As we willingly give our agency to God, that's when we become who we want to become. He will strengthen us all along the way! And the beautiful thing is, we don't have to suffer now and wait for a reward in the next life, but we discipline ourselves now and the joy and consolation can start in our lives immediately, and in the life to come! the Gospel is true!

 I love you all! keep sending your missionary and spiritual experiences! 

love Elder Wiser

this was at golden review!
when new missionaries are tested on what they have
learned their first three weeks.

This was on our way through the giant city of Melbourne
to attend the Victorian markets. quite an adventure

Monday, May 8, 2017

May 7, 2017

Yayaya so my new ward is awesome! Patterson Lakes ward! The work in this area is doing really well! They had a lot of people that they were working with before transfers and so we are very busy! We also got some good news! We will be joined by a new companion named Elder Meepralom, he is from Thailand! He has wonderful English and he is ready to work hard! im really happy to be in this area! 

We are working with some really sincere investigators one of them is named Anthony. He is from Nigeria! He really wants to find out if the Book of Mormon is true so he is reading it all with six questions in mind! right now he is in Helaman and he said that he really likes the stories! He still has some concerns that we are trying to help him through but he is very determined to finish and figure it out! its so great to see people who love God so much! 

Most of the investigators we are working with are part member families! So the only thing holding them back from baptism is marriage and things like that! so we will try are best and plead for the powers of heaven to make a way possible for these wonderful souls to enter into the covenant of baptism! 

I love you all so much! Keep doing your best and the Lord will do the rest!

love Elder Wiser

these are the only three photos I have! but good news Elder Carroll has two cameras and so today I will buy a card and then I will have a camera for the last six weeks! blessings of a loving companion!

here is my new compnaionship! elder carroll and Meepralom!
during our weekly planning session! he is so tired!

April 30, 2017

This week was so crazy! just like every other week, but we had a lot of activites. 

So first we got transfer news! Elder Wheeler will be staying in the Doncaster area! and I will be moving to Pattison Lakes ward! in the Braeside Stake! My companion will be Elder Carroll! I have served around him a lot and so you will recongize him when we send home photos! He is from Sydney! He is amazing! I'm so excited! its a bit sad to have the PV boyz split up or as President Vidmar says the "simese-twins". and Elder Watanabe is going to Melton English area serving with Elder Meyers who is also from Pleasant View hahaha so that's fun!

on Saturday we had a ward luau! we were super nervous that people wouldn't show up but we had an amazing turn out! they are currently making a video out of the footage to give to us so we will be able to show you! but it was amazing lots of food and dancing and singing.

Then we had church and had two investigators come! Bobby who is a golden investigator he will be getting baptized on June 4th and Alex and man we met that lives right around the corner from the chapel!

Then right after church Elder Wheeler, Watanabe, Brother Costigan, and myself were asked to sing (again, I don't know why people ask us) for a group of non members that are part of the community that tour all the different churches! So we sang "Who shall I serve" I don't know who its by but the brown hymn book sings it! We were pretty nervous but it turned out better this time! Once you put on a name tag people think your good at everything!

And then after that we have a musical fireside! So a lot more singing and talks! We had one of our investigators named Mo come! The spirit was so strong! I wish that I could have had all of you just sit next to me and feel how amazing it was! righteous music has such a powerful effect on our spirituality! I wish I would have payed more attention to what I listened to before my mission!

But here is the wrap up! This last week we fasted for new people to teach that were ready to receive the Gospel and act on it! and we were blessed with two golden people that accepted baptismal dates immediately and are keeping all the commitments! and we found quite a few new contacts that are promising! God hears our Prayers. Fasting brings miracles. whatever your circumstance a dedicated fast full of prayer could make the difference! I love you all

The Gospel Blesses Families and Individuals by drawing everyone closer to the Savior and redeemer of the world, Jesus Christ!

love Elder Wiser

​​This is ANZAC day "Australian New Zealand Army Core"
its like memorial day! its when everyone
remembers the people that fought and died
in the world wars! the whole country stopped!
we went to a dawn service at 5:30 and
we listen to people speak and read quotes and
tell stories about the war! its very moving and patriotic!​​

this is elder watanabe photo bombing the skyline photo.

this photo cost us 75 dollars to take because we were so
distracted by the nice car we never paid for our
parking pass so we got the wonderful ticket
for 75 dollars! hahaaha at least it was a cool car!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

April 23, 2017

Hey Momma! I kinda ran out of time to email this week because I replied to a bunch of different emails. But I am doing great! We got another companion until the end of the transfer, his name is Elder Solomon. So we are officially a quadpanionship! We asked if we could get an extra car and phone, and the office hooked us up so now we can split off and do double the work! I believe that it is an answer to fasting and prayer! We prayed that we would be able to find more people to teach and the Lord blessed us with a whole extra companionship :) Miracles! I love you so much! have a great week! 

love Elder Wiser

I still have the coin Auntie Karrie gave me

we didn't have dinner on sunday night
So President Vidmar invited us over.
We are the closest missionaries to his flat so we are blessed.