Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March 26, 2017

Wow time is flying! So we picked up our new companion on Thursday! He is wonderful! his name is Elder Watanabe, he is from Japan! His English is really good. He studied at byu Hawaii for a year before he came on his mission! He was born in the church and he is the first person in his family to ever serve a mission! Elder Wheeler and I love him so much! He thinks we are kind of crazy because we both have a serious case of "mission-humour-itis" our sense of humour is warped. But we think were funny! Its so amazing to be around new missionaries because they rely fully on the spirit, they have no idea what to do because have never experienced it before! and Elder Watanabe really listens to the spirit! We had a wonderful dinner the other night with the Parton family. We were sharing a spiritual message with them about the prayer that Alma prays right before he preaches to the apostate Zoromites Alma 31:30-36. and Elder Wheeler and I shared our part of the message and then gave the "its your turn" glance to Elder Watanabe, he thought for a minute and then shared the most powerful testimony about hope! Alma had hope that the Zoromites would return to the Gospel and that we need to have hope that our friends can join the Gospel. Up to that point there was a good feeling in the house but when he spoke it was like angels sang! It was so sincere and powerful! I felt so blessed to be able to witness the spirit bearing testimony of what my companion was saying! Just like the apostate Zoromites, all of our non member friends had the Gospel and accepted it. Our job is to help bring them AGAIN back to Christ! We just need to try our best and the spirit will do the rest. Just as my wonderful companion simply bore his testimony and the spirit flooded in! Everything is on the Lords time. As long as we do our part everything will work out! I know that this Gospel is true! I know that the spirit is a constant companion to those who are worthy of it!. Its never to late to become worthy of the Holy Ghost! repentance is real, and through Christs stripes we are healed!

I love you all! 

love Elder Wiser

this is Elder Watanabe
our new companion! he is amazing

this is a photo with a lot of people that came in the same day as me.

this is a model shot

this is him being really tired.

this is Christian,
the one that is coming to the states!

and this is a zone sport and scripture study!

Monday, March 20, 2017

March 19, 2017

So this is another transfer down! we received transfer news late Sunday night. . . .which is in the future for you! but here is the transfer news. . . . . . .elder wheeler will be staying in Doncaster area. . . . . . . . . and I will be staying also.. .  .but wait there is more.  . .. .we will be training a new missionary!!!!!! yaya im so happy elder wheeler and I are very excited to stay in the area! we had some serious miracles this last week which i will tell you about a bit later! and its a wonderful place for a new missionary to start his mission! both of his trainers are crazy though. 

so funny story of the week: the better you know my skill set the funnier this will be! so one of the neighbouring areas had a baptism this last week and they couldn't find a musical number and so elder wheeler being such a charitable guy said. . ."don't worry elder wiser and i have it covered" "we can do a great musical number for you" i tried to talk him out of it be he convinced me it would be our first song of many that we would sing as a companionship #pvboyz so we get to the baptism and i start to get a little nervous! we found a person to play the piano for us and he just happens to be a concert pianist which is great! and and both elder wheeler and i started to get even more nervous! and then both of the speakers go and give wonderful talks and then Boom its time. . . . .so we both sheepishly get up to sing in public for the first time and the music is beautifully played! as we open our mouths to sing the first note both of us missed it elder wheeler a little bit high and my self a bit low! at that time i got really nervous so my voice got really shaky and elder wheeler and i painfully (for us but more so the congregation) finished the song and sat down! i did not look up to make eye contact with anyone for the rest of the baptism. and we quickly ran out the door before anyone could talk to us because we were so ashamed! so embarrassing! singing is not my talent hahaha..

Miracle time: so our area has been known to have a hard time finding new people to teach. but we have seen so many miracles with the ward members! we have come to see that everyone in the ward really desires to do missionary work but they just don't know how to get started! its a known fact that when missionaries come over they ask "who do you know that we can teach today" and members give the same names that they gave the last elders. but elder wheeler and I just started asking members for their friends names so that we can pray for the member to have a missionary experience. so we have a board with all of the members friends name and we often pray for each one individually! this way of finding is slow because we don't have any way to contact these people and it is all on the members head! but amid our other finding tools its super effective! prayer really works! in the middle of last week we got a call from a sister in the ward, she said "my friend Bron is really struggling, i have been helping her for over a year and she just asked if she could come to church with me and meet you missionaries" we definitely agreed. and then right after we Got a call from Bro costigan,(served in sterling's mission) he said, "hey elders Steven (the guy we had been praying for) said that he would come to church". so Sunday roles around and both bron and Steven come to church. we were supposed to teach Gospel principals but we really wanted to have a individual lesson with Bron on the plan of salvation! so God made it possible. Jordan Balmes just happened to be visiting the ward to drop of a birthday present to me! and we asked him if he could teach the Gospel principals class. so he taught in a different ward haha. i really owe him! and we were able to have a powerful lesson with Bron and her fellowship! we will be meeting with  her this week. and the other investigator Steven had a great experience in one of his classes he learned about prayer and how to pray. . . so brother costigan(fellowship) said "Steven you should try it some time" and Steven immediately says "okay, Dear heavenly father . . . . . . " and then proceeds to say a prayer right there . . . was so wonderful ha kept saying "wow i learned a lot today, i want to be spiritual" so exciting ! missionary opportunities are everywhere as long as we pray for them! miracles are real! the Gospel is going to help both of these people in their lives! I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! and i love you all to have a great week. send me your missionary experiences.

love Elder Wiser

this is bro and sister costigan! they help us so much

and this is the rode-bromanis family! they are great! love them

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March 12, 2017

Hey Mama I am on! I know its kinda late on Monday night but we had a public holiday yesterday! Labor Day. So we are emailing today! How is everything? Thank you for the pictures.​​

Gooday family! Everything has been going wonderful in the great down under! I am loving my new area and its needless to say but I love my new companion! So this last week we had quite a few cool experiences.

We have a lot of people to visit in our area. But lately we have struggled to find new people that are ready to hear the gospel. So we prayed all week for it and then finally on sunday we fasted to find new people. I know that fasting brings miracles. Right after church we went strait to the city center in Box Hill. And we took an amazing member with us! His name is Brother Costigan! He served in Sterlings mission! The three of us GQ (general question) people from church till our dinner apt. We had quite a few random experiences. Like Bro Costigan had a random guy kiss him on the neck haha. But by the end of it we had 17 new people that we can follow up with and share the gospel. Such a blessing the Lord really provided for us! Elder Wheeler picked a transfer scripture and its Alma 31:34-35 and it really came true! When we increased our desire the Lord put people in our path. And the same promise is extended to everyone. If you really have a desire to share the Gospel then the Lord will put someone in your path. 

So last Saturday I was invited to attend the sealing of the Savage family! Such a miracle. That is what the mission is all about. To see a family that I love and have worked with so much be sealed together by the power of the priesthood. No longer does the phrase "till death do you part" apply to them. There was a powerful spirit that attended. And they were so happy! I felt so blessed to be able to witness that and know that my family to is sealed together. And every family has the exact same opportunity. Gods plan is great

And if the morning wasn't already spiritual enough I had the blessing of traveling to one of my previous areas to see Dorothy baptized right after! she has progressed so far! She has read the Book of Mormon constantly since we have met her and she is now in 3rd Nephi she just cant get enough of it! and she will be the key for the rest of her family to join! Her testimony is strong and she has a great desire to draw closer to God. Its was so amazing to see her make the baptismal covenant with God.

Everything in the Gospel is for our Good. The Gospel principals are like the lines on a road. We have our agency so we can choose wether to follow them or not. But when we do follow them we are safer, happier and more free to travel about. God wants to bless us. He doesn't just bless us after we obey, obeying is the blessing! 

I love you all so much have a great week. love your Grandson/son/brother/friend Elder Wiser

These are the companionship shirts!! from the 801 #PVpride

Elder Wheeler and I attended a chinese district meeting.
We had to have Elder Thompson from Utah translate for us!

This is BYOC day at seven-eleven.
You can bring any cup and fill it with a Slurpee for 1 dollar!
So here is what we did.
Us and all of the other 10 year olds. haha

This is an Audi R8 not bad for Box Hill!

This is Dorothy and her grandson Lain.
At her baptism! Such a great day!

This is the Baldwin family! They are awesome.
I met up with them after the baptism of Dorothy
and finally got a picture with them.
I love this family so much.
We have way to much in common.
The father, Jaymz, has all of the same hobbies
that I do but he is a genius when it comes
to computers. (He says all of this code
and numbers and letters and names but
then translates it into English so I know what
he is talking about) and the wife
Jessie is so sweet and loving.
They have two beautiful children that are
smarter than me already.
The family just goes together so well.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

March 5, 2017

Wow so this week was very busy! We had a lot going on!

Just an update on the investigators we are working with. Blake, that really keen investigator, called and said that he changed his mind and would not like to be a Christian any more, he said that life was too busy and he just doesn't have time. We are going to try and contact him again but we are going to give it a rest for a while so that we don't scare him off. Its really heartbreaking to see how close he was to finding his answers. But Its all in the Lords time. It will happen when its supposed to.
 Also Dorothy will be Getting baptized this coming Saturday! She is from my last area Cranbourne but we received permission to attend!

and I don't know if you remember the Savage family from Dandenong ward, well I just heard that they are going to be getting sealed for time and all eternity in the holy temple! IIMMM SOOO EXCITED FOR THEM!!!! and President Vidmar gave us permission to attend that too! I'm feeling so blessed that we are able to see two amazing covenants with God all in one day with people who I dearly love! MIRACLES

So this week we didn't have any investigators come to sacrament but we did have a less active lady attend. She was baptized about 4 years ago but had some really hard challenges and felt like God abandoned her and then lost her testimony that God even exists. So we have been working with her. She came to church for the first time in a very long time. It was amazing because it was fast Sunday, and every testimony was so simple, and everyone just shared how they received their answer that God was really there. It was exactly what she was looking for. We will be meeting with her again this week to follow up on how she felt about it. I really felt the spirit in testimony meeting. It felt so nice just because the Gospel is so simple, sometimes we over-complicate things but when I feel the spirit its like a moment of clarity and the impossible becomes possible and the confusing because simple! God will never leave us alone, and he always listens to our prayers wether we listen to his answers or not! I love you all have an amazing week

love Elder Wiser the 4th (maybe 5th)