Monday, May 23, 2016

May 22, 2016

Hello everyone! 

So this last week was full of miracles in the mission, our whole mission joined together in a fast to have greater faith greater love more dependence on the spirit and to reach our mission goal of baptisms. and we got a special surprise at the end of the fast! President and Sister Maxwell called every missionary on a conference call and spoke to us! They are such amazing people, I'm sad that they are going home but I am excited to meet our new mission president and companion the vidmars! 
      So this month we have had some changes, the zone that we are in has two districts, and the district leaders just swapped districts, so we got a new district leader this week. His name is Elder Scott from California and he is a pole vaulter! and we wake up early three times a week to have sports or double dutch at the chapel! haha the most common sport is basketball, which is funny because I am terrible, but Elder Ferris is shaping me into a basket ball champion! Who would have known what is learned on the mission.
     But more than just sports is learned, this week I relearned to appreciate the Sabbath, we had one of the most amazing sacrament meetings. It was about the priesthood and they asked a priest and a member of the elders quorum and high priest quorum to speak about the duties of the priesthood! I look up to all of my leaders in the priesthood that have fulfilled their roles! Its truly amazing, the priesthood is restored on the earth again today! and it was reconfirmed to me again while sitting in the chapel listening to a priest talk! I love the gospel
Also this week my companion and I were asked to speak at a ward missionary fireside for on of the neighbouring wards! I was pretty nervous and first but our topic was the Good Shepard! so I basically just got to bear my testimony about how Jesus Christ is our saviour and will always lead us to safety (hymn number 108) all we have to do is listen to his voice, which we can learn to recognise through scripture study, prayer, and attending church.  the gospel is simple enough for a child to grasp, but complex enough to study it for a life time! Christ lives! and he loves us and will never lead us astray! tune into his voice.
Love Elder Wiser

yay packages from home! I got that package that was sent before Christmas from the family and grandma! and I also got shayna's package!!!!! thank you all so much love you

This is future President and sister larkin, they were called to serve as mission president and wife in the martial islands! they are so amazing! so I got a picture with them, they were on a conference all with our new mission president President Vidmar!

And this is what I saw on the computer down in Australia!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 15, 2016

Hello everyone! 

This week was soo good! It was so amazing to talk to everyone over skype, I loved hearing your voices and good old humour. and happy Mothers Day last week to everyone that I was not able to wish it to.

     This week we had some good experiences, we have been looking for new people to teach, because it felt like we have been working with the same people for quite some time and none of them were progressing,  and so in all of our prayers we have been praying to find one new person wherever we go. and out of nowhere Elder Ferris had a flashing memory of a house in our area and he remembered the name of the man that lived their, and when we showed up and the man wasn't home but there was a woman named Laura :) and she is going through a rough time in her marriage and was raised religeous but stopped practicing after a while and she was really excited when we told her that our message could improve the qualitly of anyones life, and so we gave her a restoration pamphlet and we will be going back this week to meet with them! the Lord really does answer prayers! its so cool to see his hand in the work! 

     Also this Sunday we were able to go in and teach the primary children about the book of Mormon! I have a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon but it was kinda difficult to explain to a bunch of 5 and 6 year old children how I feel in simple terms. but I do know that the Book of Mormon can help anyone. I experienced its truthfulness for the first time when I read it with my family as an eight year old, but that was only the beginning. and I know that anyone who reads its words and apples the teachings to their individual lives will find answers because it has happened for me! I love being with the primary kids, they are so pure, so innocent, so faithful, and silly. I want to be all those things! and I can become like a little child through the Atonement of Christ! I love you all have an amazing week 

love Elder Wiser

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pictures from Jordan Balmes

We got a mid-week surprise from Jordan Balmes.  Jordan served as the ward mission leader where Elder Wiser was serving and they became great friends.  We had the opportunity to host Jordan when he came to America for April conference.  We became friends as well, and he sent a few pictures he had of Elder Wiser.

Stanton's LDS Profile in Austrailia

Around February 2nd - when he first arrived with Elder Morones

Elder Wiser with his companion Elder Garcia-Kempf

February 8, when we'd done the 1000 steps trail with my nonmember friend & I :)

March 1, we were asked to run Faith in God. This is after they'd spent an hour running around outside (and neither photo does justice how hot & sweaty we were). 

Faith in God Activity
March 13, I believe this is when he's told me he was leaving... 💔

April 24, when I went to their ward with Jesiah to see our cousins 😃

February 5th

May 5th - At the Temple with Elder Wiser and Elder Ferris

February 16 - These are our kitchen rules.
We told Elder Wiser it's a really good thing
he doesn't complain (because he breaks all the rest of them!)

April 30, after Liam's baptism 😊

Friday, May 13, 2016

May 8, 2016

Hello momma! we are in the library submitting our key indicators I will call in about one hour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYA SO EXCITED.

 So this last week not very much happened, it was all meetings.

Here are the Weber High boys!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Howell, Elder Wheeler and I

and this is elder ferris and I coming back from a meeting

so last week we had a lot of rain storms and it flooded the ditch along the road and also this intersection

May 1, 2016

Hello Everyone! 
     These weeks are going by so fast! It really scares me how fast time is going, but I love being out here, I love serving my mission! Elder Ferris and I always talk about how we will never be able to have these amazing experiences again. The mission is amazing. This week everyone seemed to be busy and so a lot of our investigators were not home or they didn't answer the door, but we did get to meet with Brad and Josh, the father and son, and we taught them about the Book of Mormon and we read a chapter with them. They struggle to understand much out of it, but they have strong faith in Christ! so we are just trying to find simple ways to apply the gospel to them. We have been trying to relate the teachings of the Gospel to Tennis and Australian Rules football and they seem to enjoy that pretty well, its really cool to see how the coaches in sports relate to the prophet, and the daily practice relates to our diligence in reading the gospel and praying! But they are progressing, slowly but surely! our most progressing investigator is Adam, he is a 12 year old boy! He has been coming to mutual and making really good friends with the other youth! it has started to change him, just the friendship of people in the area has started to soften his heart! we are going to meet with him this coming Wednesday and teach about repentance and baptism and the gift of the holy Ghost! 

       So like I said last week so have been double dutch jump roping , I didn't get any pictures of me but I will send a picture of another missionary in the zone! Because we do it almost every morning we all have really really bad shin splints! haha but its so worth it! just to brag about my comp, he entered the double dutch with a blind fold and then started skipping a personal jump rope, jumping three ropes spinning different ways all while blind folded!!! im not to that point but I will be soon!
         This week we have been blessed to receive council from stake representatives and also President Maxwell and his councillors about how to run our areas smoother! I am so thankful that they helped us to see what we could do better! it just really made me think about how thankful I am that I am surrounded by such loving leaders that are willing to take their time to help us grow! and I am so grateful that we have prophets and apostles that have given their lives just to better ours! I know that they are called of God, and that they will not, and cannot lead us astray! if we listen to their council we will be blessed! I love this gospel, the more I learn and understand the happier I am! I invite you to trust in our leaders! have a great week! 

love Elder Wiser!

this Is a cherished moments box that my companion received in a package! the schmanski busness is world wide!!!

THIS IS elder scott double ditching!