Monday, January 25, 2016

January 24, 2016

Hello everyone! This week was guessed it, another amazing week! It went by so fast! 

So this week we were working with a huge part member family, and they all have decided that I looked exactly like. . . . Justin Bieber! So they all wanted me to sing to them and take pictures and stuff! It was so awkward, I don't look like him do I? and don't worry I didn't sing for them! 

     So here is a little news about the emergency transfer. It had nothing to do with me or my new companion. It was because an elder finished his mission mid transfer in a Samoan ward and Elder Morones' companion went to fill that spot and then I came in to fill his spot! and that is all I know!

      This week we had the privilege of attending a world wide missionary broadcast! It was so amazing! I was able to sit right behind Elder Liu and so we had a really good chat about our areas! I honestly miss him though! He was such a good companion! But there were so many things that stood out to me in that broadcast! I took like 10 pages of notes! But I will just pick a few of my favorite one-linerd said that really stood out to me; "The restoration is a fact" its so true, the restoration is a proven fact and it can be put to the test! if we ask Heavenly Father if the fullness of the gospel is on the earth today he will tell us yes! I love how bold that statement is! and another line that stood out to me was "we should always have the name of Christ on our lips" He is everything! Everything in the gospel relates back to Him and our main goal is to follow his example and make it back to live with him and Heavenly Father again! As a missionary every word that I say should relate to Jesus. It was also said that "when you don't know what to say, bear testiomony of Jesus Christ and His infinite Atonement" and a lot of times I don't know how to respond to certain situations but I do know that Jesus Christ is there for me! He suffered all sin and all temptation to pay my debts and to know how to best help me! 

I have rean out of time again

I love you

love,  Elder Wiser

Monday, January 18, 2016

January 17, 2016

Hello Everyone,

This week went by so fast! I cannot believe it! I hit my six month mark on Jan 15! It went by so fast. I don't know how fast the last six months went for everyone at home but I think that time goes faster on this side of the equator. I have loved every second of my mission! I am learning so much every single day. I really can't believe that it has gone this fast. now I know what people mean when they say that your mission will fly by, its flying all right!

      So update on my companion, he is the man! We get along really well. So like I said he is an amazing artist. In our free time he draws like armies of stripling worriors and captan moroni and stuff. He is really talented. He loves super heroes, I have learned a lot this week about the difference between Marvel and DC comics. hahah Who would have known the variety of things that we learn on the mission! Elder Morones is a very good teacher and he is always positive. During lessons I will just bear my testimony and then look at him and he will pick up right where I left off! I love him to death! I'm really glad that we are companions! This is going to be another amazing transfer! 

    Funny experience of the week. We went to a members home for dinner and they had put in a lot of work to make gluten free enchiladas. He was explaining that they might be a little bland and so he was searching for this hot sauce, he was looking and looking but he couldnt find it so we just decided to start eating and after the first bite . . . . .my companion says "Hey brother Denny I think I found the hot sauce" I think it was all in that first bite haha it was so spicy and I had just said that I like my food really spicy so I had to just keep eating! The spices totaly destroyed my mouth I still can't taste very good haha I guess you had to be there but I was trying to be all manly and just eat it like I couldnt tell that my mouth was on fire! 

      This week we weren't able to catch up with Ernie, he has been training for football and had scouts come over from Utah and observe him the whole week. So we will catch him this week. The work in the area is still alittle slow but we are finding people one by one to teach and we are really excited for this next week. I'm very grateful for the power of prayer! I always have a lot of questions about what to do in certain situations and the Lord is always there for me! I know that He anwsers prayers! I love you all sorry for the short email

have a geat week 

love Elder Wiser

This is what our area looks like

this is a picture of elder morones and a family 

Us with Ernie

This is what our flat looks like

Monday, January 11, 2016

January 10, 2016

So this week was another awesome one down under! We have been running low on K's (miles) in the car so we decided to conserve some and take the busses for a day . . . Ya I don't think I have ever used public transport in my whole life so the first bus went really good and then all of a sudden three busses and a train later Elder Morones and I are on a 30 min bus ride that is only getting further and futher from our appointment. And then it crossed our area boundry so we just had to sit on the bus and talk with everyone that we could. We felt really bad but hopefully we planted seeds and helped others to draw closer to Christ. So I was really humbled by that experience and I am ever grateful for the car haha. 

    So spiritual experience for the week. We were driving in the car and we had about 20 minutes before our dinner appt. So we decided to knock some doors. We were out in the middle of nowhere so the first thing we did was try to find some houses. Once we found some houses we wanted to pick the one that was prepared to receive the gospel. So as we were driving by my eyes caught this house address that said 96. For some reason I really wanted to go to that house. It was the only one that stood out to me and I had a really good feeling. So after parking and walking down a very. . .very long driveway we arrived to this little house tucked back in the trees and this lovely old lady answered! Her name is Helen and she is so kind, we are going back this week to teach her and her granddaughter. It really amazed me how the spirit works. when I saw the house address I just knew that I needed to go there! It wasn't loud or pushy but I just really desired to go there. I know that the spirit really is there to guide us! All we have to do is listen!

      So we got some bad news. Patrick and Lucas the two people that we were teaching last week decided that they did not want to learn anymore, their father was a former investigator and he basically told them that it didn't matter. So we set up one last appt. to try and see what their concern was and every time we would ask Patrick a question his father would answer for him and so we didn't really get anywhere. It was really heartbreaking but they will have there time in the future. They know what we do now and when they start having questions they will know where to look. 

     But good news we met with an investigator named Ernie. He is golden! He is 6 ft 8 and he is a huge samoan. He is so humble and he loves learning! We have been trying to help him overcome the challenge of pressure from his aunty and uncle. He really wants to get baptised and he has prermission from his parents but his aunty and uncle are strong in another religion and they are doing all they can to stop him. But he is  fighting through it! I feel so blessed to be able to be out here helping people to find what makes my family and I so happy! I love being a missionary, I am not perfect by any means but I am strengthened every single day through the Holy Ghost and the atonement of Jesus Christ! I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week.

love the elder from down under 

Elder Wiser

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 3, 2016

Wow it is 2016. That is so weird! Well sorry that I missed you all last week! We had some struggles with the library cards and finding computers! but alot has happened. So my companion Elder Morones is from Farmington Utah. He wants to be a character designer so he is amazing at drawing! he is really funny and he is very good at comunicating so we talk alot haha! We get along really well! I know that I am supposed to be his trainer but I learn so much from him. Transfers are coming up at the end of next week but I highly doubt that ether of us will get moved for a while! I'm excited to be his companion next transfer. We have a blast

    So again I'm short on time but I had some amazing miricles this week! Since we basically got doubled into the area, we didnt know anyone and there was nobody to work with! So we just kept looking for people to find! We decided to go look through all of the former investigators and we knocked on this mans door named Patrico. He had meet with the missionaries a few years ago! His 14year old son named Patrick answered the door and invited us in. It seemed like he knew who we were and what we did but after talking for a minute we found out he had no idea. I have no idea what made him invite us in but we ended up teaching the lesson of the restoration to Patrick and his friend Lucas! they are prepared and willing to learn more! We had another place to be so I started to end the conversation and Shaynas voice came into my head and said "do you invite them to be baptised on the first lesson?" and then I thought . . . well this is the first lesson and I havent invited them yet. . . so we extended a baptisimal date for Feb 6 and they both accepted! We are really excited to work with them! and along with them there are some other new investigators that we found this week! its really cool to see how the Lord will accomplish his work, all we have to do is be obedient and be in the right place at the right time! I know that Heavely Father answers prayers, we have really been studying the character of Christ and how much He loves us! it is amazing to search the scriptures and see all of the amazing examples that we have! The scriptures apply to TODAY! I am very thankfull for all of you back home, for your examples and for your support keep it up! I love you 
have a great week 

love Elder Wiser

December 27, 2015

hey mom sorry that I cant email this week! It was a public holiday this Monday so I will catch you next Monday! I don't have enough time on this computer to email! everything is still going good! I just conducted my first district meeting! that was exciting! I loved seeing you this week! I love you so much