Sunday, December 18, 2016

December 18, 2016

Hey mom your probably still at church. We have to email a little earlier today but I just wanted to see when would be a good time to skype you. We have a family that offered for us to Skype  Sunday morning  Christmas day (Australian time). so I think that would be Christmas Eve at like 5 oclock for you. Would that be okay or do you want me to call on boxing day so that it is american Christmas day?

My computer has timed out! but I'm doing very good! I wasnt able to eat Christmas dinner with the mission because it had gluten so president came to my area and took me out to dinner this week! so cooll

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 11, 2016

I sincerely apologize for the last few weeks of emails. Mondays have been crazy! and the library was closed down for a while but here we go.

This last week was mostly meetings we had some large meeting every single day of the week! but the Lord blesses us for our efforts and so even though we only had a few hours in our area we were able to have some miracles. The other day we were on a train and I saw this man sitting alone with headphones (worst enemy) in. I felt I really needed to talk to him but I knew it would probably be awkward. "The other person always feels 10% more awkward than you" so I just pretended that it wasn't akward and sat there and waved until he took them out, hahaha but his name is Dermish. He has only been in Australia for a few days, he came over for school and had to leave his wife (of 12 days) back in India until she could get a visa! We had a very short chat but exchanged information. This week we met with him in the library and started to teach him. He loves reading and was so thankful for the Book of Mormon, he wants to learn why we are so happy all the time and understand God. This is a miracle because we were super busy but the Lord placed a person right in our path that really needed the Gospel. It makes me wonder how many people that we sit next to on the train or stand next to in the shopping line that are ready to receive the Gospel? but the Lord will bless us to know when we should open our mouths!

I also had another blessing this week. this week I have been studying a certain topic all week but I didnt feel like I was fully getting it, so I just continued to study it! and after a week of continual study I finaly got my answer. I received my answer at church in elders quorum class. I'm convinced that the lesson was only for me. The teacher (unknowingly) started to answer all of my questions I had been studying and it was such a relief! it strengthened my testimony that we can receive revelation at church "who would have known" haha but it took a little preparation on my part. I had to ask the right questions before I could get the right answers! I know that God loves each and every one of us! He is aware of what we need, and he WILL help us when we ask. Sometimes we get to be the person in class receiving revelation, and sometimes we get to be the awkward missionary that wont stop waving on a train. God can use us wherever we are, as long as we follow the spirit! His plan is perfect.

Invitation: I know that the Gopsel is true! and the truth can be found in the scriptures! I invite you to ask a question that has been bothering you and delve into the scriptures for an answer! you will find it!

I love you all have a great week! 

from Elder Wiser

this is part if the zone sitting on the wall
at a zone Preperation day! 

this is Elder Parau, Etilage, and myself with a beautiful sunset

this is a new way of missionary work haha
we crashed in on some other elders who thought it up!
they just wave a people during peak hour traffic and
direct people to

there was a member who was on a bus on his way home
from school  and he said that everyone in the bus
got on to because of it. . .success.

This is the zone that im in on our mission christmas party.
every zone Got a color and became a team for mini olimpics.
we are team red hahaa

i snuck in a picture with president during the talent show. 

this is Elder Lauaki
He came back to stay the night before a meeting the next day

and this is Elder Parau and I and the two missionaries
Elders Lauaki and Etilage! they get along great!

our ward christmas party was a Mexican
fiesta theme because its so hot
down here. so this is us posing in front of the
Mexican backdrop. . .the food was pretty good
and all gluten free!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December 4, 2016

Your going to beat me up ma! but today we only have a few minutes on the computer because we are having a large zone gathering! I am doing very well I love my companions! I will try to email next week but I will send some pics

Hey Father! it sounds like things have been pretty crazy back at home! you are one busy man!. Well things are going well here, its been awesome being in a tripanionship for so long. I feel like Elder Etilage, the golden, is doing good, I'm probably not the best trainer in the world but I sure love him to death! We have been having such a good time. its been cool to see the missionary evolution of the Cranbourne ward. There are so many families and investigators that I have grown to love here, I feel very blessed that I get to serve in this ward. Both my companions are awesome, hardworking, and very humble missionaries. its been great to work with my new mission president, he is such an inspiring man, we get to meet with him and council two or three times a month and I learn so much from him. I sure love you Dad! I will write a hand written letter to you for Christmas to be able to answer your other questions a little bit deeper. But I know that your work will go good. Your the right man for the job, and thanks dad! I know that you love me! I feel so blessed for the home life I have back at home because a lot of the struggling missionaries we get to work with stem from really challenging home lives, so because of yours and ma's righteous decisions your posterity has been greatly blessed! 

love your youngest but heaviest son Elder Wiser! 

this is nicole and nathan the investigatiors. . .
they were evicted last week and moved very far away

this is our christmas tree