Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December 4, 2016

Your going to beat me up ma! but today we only have a few minutes on the computer because we are having a large zone gathering! I am doing very well I love my companions! I will try to email next week but I will send some pics

Hey Father! it sounds like things have been pretty crazy back at home! you are one busy man!. Well things are going well here, its been awesome being in a tripanionship for so long. I feel like Elder Etilage, the golden, is doing good, I'm probably not the best trainer in the world but I sure love him to death! We have been having such a good time. its been cool to see the missionary evolution of the Cranbourne ward. There are so many families and investigators that I have grown to love here, I feel very blessed that I get to serve in this ward. Both my companions are awesome, hardworking, and very humble missionaries. its been great to work with my new mission president, he is such an inspiring man, we get to meet with him and council two or three times a month and I learn so much from him. I sure love you Dad! I will write a hand written letter to you for Christmas to be able to answer your other questions a little bit deeper. But I know that your work will go good. Your the right man for the job, and thanks dad! I know that you love me! I feel so blessed for the home life I have back at home because a lot of the struggling missionaries we get to work with stem from really challenging home lives, so because of yours and ma's righteous decisions your posterity has been greatly blessed! 

love your youngest but heaviest son Elder Wiser! 

this is nicole and nathan the investigatiors. . .
they were evicted last week and moved very far away

this is our christmas tree

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