Monday, January 30, 2017

January 29, 2017

Oh man I just typed the first couple of sentances and the library came and asked if they could take my computer for a while! 

We have two people that are progressing towards baptism! Dorothy angus and Gio ! they are so amazing if you could keep them in your prayers and I will tell you about them next week. I am safe and happy! love you!

 a picture at chadstone shopping center.
its the biggest shopping center in the southern hemisphere! 
way to expensive for my taste!
his is Elder Neilson and his wife and also 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

January 22, 2017

I hope that you have had a great week! this week has been really crazy for us! we had a stake conference with our mission president, temple president, and Johnny l. leota, an area seventy. It was such a powerful meeting! I want to share with you some of the things they talked about! Our stake president said a quote that really caught my attention. "If you are doing the work right, it will not be easy. It will be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually draining" he was not just addressing missionaries, he was addressing the whole stake. It can apply to any of our callings/responsibilities. "A thousand pathways fan out like a river delta before us, each promising the path of least resistance, but your not headed that way, your headed up stream" the work that we do in life is not easy and it seems to get harder, but the blessings get better, and the Lord makes us stronger! 
       They also talked about D & C 121 "many are called but few are chosen" but how do we know if we are Chosen? Elder Leota said that you know you are chosen when you Choose to be in the right place at the right time! When we choose to follow the Lord we Automatically become chosen. 
President Vidmar and Elder Ieota spoke on missionary work and how "every member is a missionary" they gave everyone some simple tips that can help with missionary work. I have been on my mission for around a year and a half! I talk to people about the Gospel every single day! I practice, I study, I ponder, and I still get nervous when sitting next to a person on the bus and trying to introduce the Gospel. Elder leota told a story of how he was on a plane going to an assignment and he got very nervous to talk to a lady sitting next to him about the book of Mormon. so he prayed and then prayed again to know what to say, and then he said. . . . hello. and then the Lord helped him from there! All we have to do is try, the success is in the invitation not the answer. there is a simple thing that can help us share the Gospel: T-TIPF

T. teach- simply and clearly\
T. Testify - "i know"
I. invite -  "will you. . . ."
P. promise blessings - "as you do this you will"
F. follow up - always ask how it went.

It can be as simple as! We go to church to worship our father in heaven, I know that going to church has blessed my family greatly, will you come to church with us this Sunday? I know that it will help you with your family problems. 

Missionary work is the best thing ever! Its so scary but its so worth it 1000 door slams is way worth the feeling when someone says "I feel better when you share these messages with me" 

Imagine what it would feel like when you share a simple testimony with a friend or family member that is struggling and it makes the world of difference. You don't need to know everything. Just a testimony of our Savior and the Book of Mormon.

I invite you to all practice the TTIPF as a family in your next family home evening or around the dinner table, or by your self in the mirror! D & C 84:85 the Lord will help you in your efforts 

I love you so much! I know the Book of Mormon is true! God lives! "We have a prophet on the earth, one who can authoritatively say 'thus sayeth the lord'." - presidnent sanders

have a great week. let me know how practicing ttipf goes.

from Elder Wiser

elder etilage parau and myself
with Elder Johnny L. Leota of the seventy!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 15, 2017

Hello everyone! We had a really good week this week

it started out with zone preperation day! we ended up bowling and having a really good time! for most of the missionaries it was the first time they had gone bowling so we had quite a laugh as missionaries overstepped the line and went sliding down the lane, or threw the ball like a baseball, or like a basketball. it was great! here is a picture.

my first game I bowled a 126 and the
second like 108 for most of the zone it was their first time bowling!
We had alot of missionaries over running and
slipping down the lanes haha.

We had a great miracle this week! We have been working with a less active family for a very long time, consistently for the last 7 months! There are the two parents and then 8 children under the age of 9. They are the most well behaved children! its amazing! but they were very busy with work and so they were never able to come to church. This last week I turned around during sacrament meeting to see their many beautiful faces sitting in church! I was so happy! The father has started making some changes in his life and hopefully will be able to baptise his two sons that are old enough to be baptized! It is cool to see how the gospel blesses families. It encourages every member in the family to improve no matter how big or small! and then to see them all together during the sacrament and see it all come together, it was just amazing! I know that the spirit worked with them alot during the last 7 months and I was so grateful to be able to see their progression!

last week I told you about Fred, his wife is in America and he was planning on getting baptized in a few weeks and then moving to America to live with his wife. but he decieded to wait until he moves so that his wife can be there when he makes a sacred covenant with Heavenly Father! Its only right for them to be together during on that special day! We will still be teaching him until he goes! so grateful!

We have another investigator that we have been working with, her name is dorothy, she is about 80 years old her daughter, granddaughter, and great granddaughter, were all baptized in the last few years! and her heart was softened to learning the gospel! She is the most amazing investigator, she has a strong belief in God and wants to continue learning about him and so every pamphlet we give her she studies so intently, she reads every scripture and looks up every unkown word until it all makes sense. Its really awesome to see. She was explaining to us what studying feels like and she said that whenever she reads the plan of salvation pamphlet she feels like something is urging her to contunue learning. last week she read it and the book of mormon until 1:00 in the morning. im so blessed to be able to see the gospel change lives. 

I love you all 

Love Elder Wiser

and this is the first semi truck I have ever sat in! I
 dont know if you know this or not but they are very big!

I got a new haircut today :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

January 8, 2017

So this week has been great! I had a wonderful thing happen this week

Miracle: I have been worried about four people that live in my area, their struggles have been weighing on my mind and I studied prayed and asked for advice on how to help these four people, but for the last three months nothing has changed. So this week I finally decided to fast about it! So I had a special fast with these 4 people in mind hoping that I could find a solution on how to help them! This is when the miracle happened. We went to church and a very strong member came up and asked if he could talk to our companionship privately so we agreed, then he sat us down and said that "the same four people I was worried about" had been weighing on his mind and that he had set up a plan to help them but he needed our help! This member has had way more experience than me and his plan might just be the thing to help these four people! For the last three months I was studying and praying waiting for the answer to come into my mind. But when I fasted the Lord blessed me with someone way more capable of helping these people! I know that fasting and prayer brings miracles that the Lord is aware of every thing that is weighing on our mind, even if that thing does not directly relate to us! If you have a challenge "thorn in the flesh" I would invite you to have a special fast about it! Don't rely on the arm of flesh, trust in the almighty God! 

So we have been teaching some new families that we found over the holidays. One of them is named Justin! He is the man! He is about 40 years old, he has had a challenging life and turned to alcohol to take away the pain and anxiety. But he had a waking up experience a few years ago that motivated him to change and so he under took the mountain of change! But he said that the guilt is still there from all the things that he has done! and thats where the message of the restoration comes in because of the restored truth of repentance, Justin does not have to live with the guilt of past transgressions! Change without the power of the atonement is "merely behaviour modification", but with the Lord it is a lasting change. Don't quote me but I think it was Elder Perry that said, "the atonement heals, what it fixes is fixed and what it heals stays healed." Justin is doing awesome. He should be coming to church this week! I will update you next week

love you all 

remember who you are and what you stand for! 

love Elder Wiser

i havent taken many photos on my digital camera because I have been using the poloroid but this is the Elder Howell, Wheeler and myself taking a Weber High photo haha. 

and this is our mini table tennis tournament during our lunch break! Elder Parau is better than me!