Tuesday, January 10, 2017

January 8, 2017

So this week has been great! I had a wonderful thing happen this week

Miracle: I have been worried about four people that live in my area, their struggles have been weighing on my mind and I studied prayed and asked for advice on how to help these four people, but for the last three months nothing has changed. So this week I finally decided to fast about it! So I had a special fast with these 4 people in mind hoping that I could find a solution on how to help them! This is when the miracle happened. We went to church and a very strong member came up and asked if he could talk to our companionship privately so we agreed, then he sat us down and said that "the same four people I was worried about" had been weighing on his mind and that he had set up a plan to help them but he needed our help! This member has had way more experience than me and his plan might just be the thing to help these four people! For the last three months I was studying and praying waiting for the answer to come into my mind. But when I fasted the Lord blessed me with someone way more capable of helping these people! I know that fasting and prayer brings miracles that the Lord is aware of every thing that is weighing on our mind, even if that thing does not directly relate to us! If you have a challenge "thorn in the flesh" I would invite you to have a special fast about it! Don't rely on the arm of flesh, trust in the almighty God! 

So we have been teaching some new families that we found over the holidays. One of them is named Justin! He is the man! He is about 40 years old, he has had a challenging life and turned to alcohol to take away the pain and anxiety. But he had a waking up experience a few years ago that motivated him to change and so he under took the mountain of change! But he said that the guilt is still there from all the things that he has done! and thats where the message of the restoration comes in because of the restored truth of repentance, Justin does not have to live with the guilt of past transgressions! Change without the power of the atonement is "merely behaviour modification", but with the Lord it is a lasting change. Don't quote me but I think it was Elder Perry that said, "the atonement heals, what it fixes is fixed and what it heals stays healed." Justin is doing awesome. He should be coming to church this week! I will update you next week

love you all 

remember who you are and what you stand for! 

love Elder Wiser

i havent taken many photos on my digital camera because I have been using the poloroid but this is the Elder Howell, Wheeler and myself taking a Weber High photo haha. 

and this is our mini table tennis tournament during our lunch break! Elder Parau is better than me!

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