Sunday, January 22, 2017

January 22, 2017

I hope that you have had a great week! this week has been really crazy for us! we had a stake conference with our mission president, temple president, and Johnny l. leota, an area seventy. It was such a powerful meeting! I want to share with you some of the things they talked about! Our stake president said a quote that really caught my attention. "If you are doing the work right, it will not be easy. It will be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually draining" he was not just addressing missionaries, he was addressing the whole stake. It can apply to any of our callings/responsibilities. "A thousand pathways fan out like a river delta before us, each promising the path of least resistance, but your not headed that way, your headed up stream" the work that we do in life is not easy and it seems to get harder, but the blessings get better, and the Lord makes us stronger! 
       They also talked about D & C 121 "many are called but few are chosen" but how do we know if we are Chosen? Elder Leota said that you know you are chosen when you Choose to be in the right place at the right time! When we choose to follow the Lord we Automatically become chosen. 
President Vidmar and Elder Ieota spoke on missionary work and how "every member is a missionary" they gave everyone some simple tips that can help with missionary work. I have been on my mission for around a year and a half! I talk to people about the Gospel every single day! I practice, I study, I ponder, and I still get nervous when sitting next to a person on the bus and trying to introduce the Gospel. Elder leota told a story of how he was on a plane going to an assignment and he got very nervous to talk to a lady sitting next to him about the book of Mormon. so he prayed and then prayed again to know what to say, and then he said. . . . hello. and then the Lord helped him from there! All we have to do is try, the success is in the invitation not the answer. there is a simple thing that can help us share the Gospel: T-TIPF

T. teach- simply and clearly\
T. Testify - "i know"
I. invite -  "will you. . . ."
P. promise blessings - "as you do this you will"
F. follow up - always ask how it went.

It can be as simple as! We go to church to worship our father in heaven, I know that going to church has blessed my family greatly, will you come to church with us this Sunday? I know that it will help you with your family problems. 

Missionary work is the best thing ever! Its so scary but its so worth it 1000 door slams is way worth the feeling when someone says "I feel better when you share these messages with me" 

Imagine what it would feel like when you share a simple testimony with a friend or family member that is struggling and it makes the world of difference. You don't need to know everything. Just a testimony of our Savior and the Book of Mormon.

I invite you to all practice the TTIPF as a family in your next family home evening or around the dinner table, or by your self in the mirror! D & C 84:85 the Lord will help you in your efforts 

I love you so much! I know the Book of Mormon is true! God lives! "We have a prophet on the earth, one who can authoritatively say 'thus sayeth the lord'." - presidnent sanders

have a great week. let me know how practicing ttipf goes.

from Elder Wiser

elder etilage parau and myself
with Elder Johnny L. Leota of the seventy!

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