Monday, January 11, 2016

January 10, 2016

So this week was another awesome one down under! We have been running low on K's (miles) in the car so we decided to conserve some and take the busses for a day . . . Ya I don't think I have ever used public transport in my whole life so the first bus went really good and then all of a sudden three busses and a train later Elder Morones and I are on a 30 min bus ride that is only getting further and futher from our appointment. And then it crossed our area boundry so we just had to sit on the bus and talk with everyone that we could. We felt really bad but hopefully we planted seeds and helped others to draw closer to Christ. So I was really humbled by that experience and I am ever grateful for the car haha. 

    So spiritual experience for the week. We were driving in the car and we had about 20 minutes before our dinner appt. So we decided to knock some doors. We were out in the middle of nowhere so the first thing we did was try to find some houses. Once we found some houses we wanted to pick the one that was prepared to receive the gospel. So as we were driving by my eyes caught this house address that said 96. For some reason I really wanted to go to that house. It was the only one that stood out to me and I had a really good feeling. So after parking and walking down a very. . .very long driveway we arrived to this little house tucked back in the trees and this lovely old lady answered! Her name is Helen and she is so kind, we are going back this week to teach her and her granddaughter. It really amazed me how the spirit works. when I saw the house address I just knew that I needed to go there! It wasn't loud or pushy but I just really desired to go there. I know that the spirit really is there to guide us! All we have to do is listen!

      So we got some bad news. Patrick and Lucas the two people that we were teaching last week decided that they did not want to learn anymore, their father was a former investigator and he basically told them that it didn't matter. So we set up one last appt. to try and see what their concern was and every time we would ask Patrick a question his father would answer for him and so we didn't really get anywhere. It was really heartbreaking but they will have there time in the future. They know what we do now and when they start having questions they will know where to look. 

     But good news we met with an investigator named Ernie. He is golden! He is 6 ft 8 and he is a huge samoan. He is so humble and he loves learning! We have been trying to help him overcome the challenge of pressure from his aunty and uncle. He really wants to get baptised and he has prermission from his parents but his aunty and uncle are strong in another religion and they are doing all they can to stop him. But he is  fighting through it! I feel so blessed to be able to be out here helping people to find what makes my family and I so happy! I love being a missionary, I am not perfect by any means but I am strengthened every single day through the Holy Ghost and the atonement of Jesus Christ! I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week.

love the elder from down under 

Elder Wiser

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