Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 3, 2016

Wow it is 2016. That is so weird! Well sorry that I missed you all last week! We had some struggles with the library cards and finding computers! but alot has happened. So my companion Elder Morones is from Farmington Utah. He wants to be a character designer so he is amazing at drawing! he is really funny and he is very good at comunicating so we talk alot haha! We get along really well! I know that I am supposed to be his trainer but I learn so much from him. Transfers are coming up at the end of next week but I highly doubt that ether of us will get moved for a while! I'm excited to be his companion next transfer. We have a blast

    So again I'm short on time but I had some amazing miricles this week! Since we basically got doubled into the area, we didnt know anyone and there was nobody to work with! So we just kept looking for people to find! We decided to go look through all of the former investigators and we knocked on this mans door named Patrico. He had meet with the missionaries a few years ago! His 14year old son named Patrick answered the door and invited us in. It seemed like he knew who we were and what we did but after talking for a minute we found out he had no idea. I have no idea what made him invite us in but we ended up teaching the lesson of the restoration to Patrick and his friend Lucas! they are prepared and willing to learn more! We had another place to be so I started to end the conversation and Shaynas voice came into my head and said "do you invite them to be baptised on the first lesson?" and then I thought . . . well this is the first lesson and I havent invited them yet. . . so we extended a baptisimal date for Feb 6 and they both accepted! We are really excited to work with them! and along with them there are some other new investigators that we found this week! its really cool to see how the Lord will accomplish his work, all we have to do is be obedient and be in the right place at the right time! I know that Heavely Father answers prayers, we have really been studying the character of Christ and how much He loves us! it is amazing to search the scriptures and see all of the amazing examples that we have! The scriptures apply to TODAY! I am very thankfull for all of you back home, for your examples and for your support keep it up! I love you 
have a great week 

love Elder Wiser

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