Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March 26, 2017

Wow time is flying! So we picked up our new companion on Thursday! He is wonderful! his name is Elder Watanabe, he is from Japan! His English is really good. He studied at byu Hawaii for a year before he came on his mission! He was born in the church and he is the first person in his family to ever serve a mission! Elder Wheeler and I love him so much! He thinks we are kind of crazy because we both have a serious case of "mission-humour-itis" our sense of humour is warped. But we think were funny! Its so amazing to be around new missionaries because they rely fully on the spirit, they have no idea what to do because have never experienced it before! and Elder Watanabe really listens to the spirit! We had a wonderful dinner the other night with the Parton family. We were sharing a spiritual message with them about the prayer that Alma prays right before he preaches to the apostate Zoromites Alma 31:30-36. and Elder Wheeler and I shared our part of the message and then gave the "its your turn" glance to Elder Watanabe, he thought for a minute and then shared the most powerful testimony about hope! Alma had hope that the Zoromites would return to the Gospel and that we need to have hope that our friends can join the Gospel. Up to that point there was a good feeling in the house but when he spoke it was like angels sang! It was so sincere and powerful! I felt so blessed to be able to witness the spirit bearing testimony of what my companion was saying! Just like the apostate Zoromites, all of our non member friends had the Gospel and accepted it. Our job is to help bring them AGAIN back to Christ! We just need to try our best and the spirit will do the rest. Just as my wonderful companion simply bore his testimony and the spirit flooded in! Everything is on the Lords time. As long as we do our part everything will work out! I know that this Gospel is true! I know that the spirit is a constant companion to those who are worthy of it!. Its never to late to become worthy of the Holy Ghost! repentance is real, and through Christs stripes we are healed!

I love you all! 

love Elder Wiser

this is Elder Watanabe
our new companion! he is amazing

this is a photo with a lot of people that came in the same day as me.

this is a model shot

this is him being really tired.

this is Christian,
the one that is coming to the states!

and this is a zone sport and scripture study!

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