Sunday, April 2, 2017

April 2, 2017

So this week has been fabulous! I'm so excited to be able to hear General Conference this next week. We watch it the week following because of the time delay! but from what I have heard its the best General conference! 

So I'm still serving in the Doncaster area! its a wonderful place to live! Its half suburbs and half city. We spend most of our time finding people to teach at the box hill center. I sent some photos of it. its usually more packed with people but this photo was late, right before we finished. 

So miracle for the week. Elder Wheeler and I have been praying to find new people to teach so that Elder Watanabe can have a chance to teach investigators! So we set some finding goals and started GQing (general questioning) while I was trying to find people that would receive the message I saw a guy looking rather sad sitting on a bench. His name is Charles. We started talking and he expressed that he was going through some really hard challenges. He was getting divorced from his wife he lost his job and he didn't think he would be able to get permanent residency in Australia. I do not know how to deal with any of those situations. so I just said Charles I have no Idea what to tell you, but I know someone that can answer your question. then him and I talked about prayer and we said a little prayer together! he said that he needed to go but he wanted to learn more! so the next day he came back and we taught him again, then the next day and the next day we taught him twice and at the end he asked the greatest question ever. How can I get cleaned of my sins? and "how can I do that water thing" "you mean baptism?" haha he is so prepared. sadly he lives in Darwin which is 4 hours flight from here and he is just staying for the week but he wants to meet up with the missionaries and start going to church up there! it was such a blessing. the Lord helped Charles to find the path of happiness and he also gave us all the ability to share our testimony! God really does answer prayers! he really does bring Peace. #princeofpeace. I love this Gospel so much

love you all 
love elder wiser! strait from the 801

this is the Esslinger family!
They are amazing, we just finished a message about building a
strong foundation and we used their "kinects"
do you remember those toys kinda like
legos in the green tub that I used to play with.

and Elder Watanabe has been working so hard,
he was a bit tired.

This is the best dish ever, it is crispy pork fried rice
with a taro and coconut shake at china bar!
We eat here weekly! Brother Foster is in the back ground,
he is a ward missionary that helps us so much!

this is where we GQ all of the time!
Elder Wheeler took a picture of me talking to a guy on the bench.
His name is Kevin and he turned out to be an inactive member.
We had a really good chat, I hope it brought him some peace!

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