Monday, March 20, 2017

March 19, 2017

So this is another transfer down! we received transfer news late Sunday night. . . .which is in the future for you! but here is the transfer news. . . . . . .elder wheeler will be staying in Doncaster area. . . . . . . . . and I will be staying also.. .  .but wait there is more.  . .. .we will be training a new missionary!!!!!! yaya im so happy elder wheeler and I are very excited to stay in the area! we had some serious miracles this last week which i will tell you about a bit later! and its a wonderful place for a new missionary to start his mission! both of his trainers are crazy though. 

so funny story of the week: the better you know my skill set the funnier this will be! so one of the neighbouring areas had a baptism this last week and they couldn't find a musical number and so elder wheeler being such a charitable guy said. . ."don't worry elder wiser and i have it covered" "we can do a great musical number for you" i tried to talk him out of it be he convinced me it would be our first song of many that we would sing as a companionship #pvboyz so we get to the baptism and i start to get a little nervous! we found a person to play the piano for us and he just happens to be a concert pianist which is great! and and both elder wheeler and i started to get even more nervous! and then both of the speakers go and give wonderful talks and then Boom its time. . . . .so we both sheepishly get up to sing in public for the first time and the music is beautifully played! as we open our mouths to sing the first note both of us missed it elder wheeler a little bit high and my self a bit low! at that time i got really nervous so my voice got really shaky and elder wheeler and i painfully (for us but more so the congregation) finished the song and sat down! i did not look up to make eye contact with anyone for the rest of the baptism. and we quickly ran out the door before anyone could talk to us because we were so ashamed! so embarrassing! singing is not my talent hahaha..

Miracle time: so our area has been known to have a hard time finding new people to teach. but we have seen so many miracles with the ward members! we have come to see that everyone in the ward really desires to do missionary work but they just don't know how to get started! its a known fact that when missionaries come over they ask "who do you know that we can teach today" and members give the same names that they gave the last elders. but elder wheeler and I just started asking members for their friends names so that we can pray for the member to have a missionary experience. so we have a board with all of the members friends name and we often pray for each one individually! this way of finding is slow because we don't have any way to contact these people and it is all on the members head! but amid our other finding tools its super effective! prayer really works! in the middle of last week we got a call from a sister in the ward, she said "my friend Bron is really struggling, i have been helping her for over a year and she just asked if she could come to church with me and meet you missionaries" we definitely agreed. and then right after we Got a call from Bro costigan,(served in sterling's mission) he said, "hey elders Steven (the guy we had been praying for) said that he would come to church". so Sunday roles around and both bron and Steven come to church. we were supposed to teach Gospel principals but we really wanted to have a individual lesson with Bron on the plan of salvation! so God made it possible. Jordan Balmes just happened to be visiting the ward to drop of a birthday present to me! and we asked him if he could teach the Gospel principals class. so he taught in a different ward haha. i really owe him! and we were able to have a powerful lesson with Bron and her fellowship! we will be meeting with  her this week. and the other investigator Steven had a great experience in one of his classes he learned about prayer and how to pray. . . so brother costigan(fellowship) said "Steven you should try it some time" and Steven immediately says "okay, Dear heavenly father . . . . . . " and then proceeds to say a prayer right there . . . was so wonderful ha kept saying "wow i learned a lot today, i want to be spiritual" so exciting ! missionary opportunities are everywhere as long as we pray for them! miracles are real! the Gospel is going to help both of these people in their lives! I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! and i love you all to have a great week. send me your missionary experiences.

love Elder Wiser

this is bro and sister costigan! they help us so much

and this is the rode-bromanis family! they are great! love them

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