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March 12, 2017

Hey Mama I am on! I know its kinda late on Monday night but we had a public holiday yesterday! Labor Day. So we are emailing today! How is everything? Thank you for the pictures.​​

Gooday family! Everything has been going wonderful in the great down under! I am loving my new area and its needless to say but I love my new companion! So this last week we had quite a few cool experiences.

We have a lot of people to visit in our area. But lately we have struggled to find new people that are ready to hear the gospel. So we prayed all week for it and then finally on sunday we fasted to find new people. I know that fasting brings miracles. Right after church we went strait to the city center in Box Hill. And we took an amazing member with us! His name is Brother Costigan! He served in Sterlings mission! The three of us GQ (general question) people from church till our dinner apt. We had quite a few random experiences. Like Bro Costigan had a random guy kiss him on the neck haha. But by the end of it we had 17 new people that we can follow up with and share the gospel. Such a blessing the Lord really provided for us! Elder Wheeler picked a transfer scripture and its Alma 31:34-35 and it really came true! When we increased our desire the Lord put people in our path. And the same promise is extended to everyone. If you really have a desire to share the Gospel then the Lord will put someone in your path. 

So last Saturday I was invited to attend the sealing of the Savage family! Such a miracle. That is what the mission is all about. To see a family that I love and have worked with so much be sealed together by the power of the priesthood. No longer does the phrase "till death do you part" apply to them. There was a powerful spirit that attended. And they were so happy! I felt so blessed to be able to witness that and know that my family to is sealed together. And every family has the exact same opportunity. Gods plan is great

And if the morning wasn't already spiritual enough I had the blessing of traveling to one of my previous areas to see Dorothy baptized right after! she has progressed so far! She has read the Book of Mormon constantly since we have met her and she is now in 3rd Nephi she just cant get enough of it! and she will be the key for the rest of her family to join! Her testimony is strong and she has a great desire to draw closer to God. Its was so amazing to see her make the baptismal covenant with God.

Everything in the Gospel is for our Good. The Gospel principals are like the lines on a road. We have our agency so we can choose wether to follow them or not. But when we do follow them we are safer, happier and more free to travel about. God wants to bless us. He doesn't just bless us after we obey, obeying is the blessing! 

I love you all so much have a great week. love your Grandson/son/brother/friend Elder Wiser

These are the companionship shirts!! from the 801 #PVpride

Elder Wheeler and I attended a chinese district meeting.
We had to have Elder Thompson from Utah translate for us!

This is BYOC day at seven-eleven.
You can bring any cup and fill it with a Slurpee for 1 dollar!
So here is what we did.
Us and all of the other 10 year olds. haha

This is an Audi R8 not bad for Box Hill!

This is Dorothy and her grandson Lain.
At her baptism! Such a great day!

This is the Baldwin family! They are awesome.
I met up with them after the baptism of Dorothy
and finally got a picture with them.
I love this family so much.
We have way to much in common.
The father, Jaymz, has all of the same hobbies
that I do but he is a genius when it comes
to computers. (He says all of this code
and numbers and letters and names but
then translates it into English so I know what
he is talking about) and the wife
Jessie is so sweet and loving.
They have two beautiful children that are
smarter than me already.
The family just goes together so well.

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