Monday, May 8, 2017

May 7, 2017

Yayaya so my new ward is awesome! Patterson Lakes ward! The work in this area is doing really well! They had a lot of people that they were working with before transfers and so we are very busy! We also got some good news! We will be joined by a new companion named Elder Meepralom, he is from Thailand! He has wonderful English and he is ready to work hard! im really happy to be in this area! 

We are working with some really sincere investigators one of them is named Anthony. He is from Nigeria! He really wants to find out if the Book of Mormon is true so he is reading it all with six questions in mind! right now he is in Helaman and he said that he really likes the stories! He still has some concerns that we are trying to help him through but he is very determined to finish and figure it out! its so great to see people who love God so much! 

Most of the investigators we are working with are part member families! So the only thing holding them back from baptism is marriage and things like that! so we will try are best and plead for the powers of heaven to make a way possible for these wonderful souls to enter into the covenant of baptism! 

I love you all so much! Keep doing your best and the Lord will do the rest!

love Elder Wiser

these are the only three photos I have! but good news Elder Carroll has two cameras and so today I will buy a card and then I will have a camera for the last six weeks! blessings of a loving companion!

here is my new compnaionship! elder carroll and Meepralom!
during our weekly planning session! he is so tired!

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