Monday, May 8, 2017

April 30, 2017

This week was so crazy! just like every other week, but we had a lot of activites. 

So first we got transfer news! Elder Wheeler will be staying in the Doncaster area! and I will be moving to Pattison Lakes ward! in the Braeside Stake! My companion will be Elder Carroll! I have served around him a lot and so you will recongize him when we send home photos! He is from Sydney! He is amazing! I'm so excited! its a bit sad to have the PV boyz split up or as President Vidmar says the "simese-twins". and Elder Watanabe is going to Melton English area serving with Elder Meyers who is also from Pleasant View hahaha so that's fun!

on Saturday we had a ward luau! we were super nervous that people wouldn't show up but we had an amazing turn out! they are currently making a video out of the footage to give to us so we will be able to show you! but it was amazing lots of food and dancing and singing.

Then we had church and had two investigators come! Bobby who is a golden investigator he will be getting baptized on June 4th and Alex and man we met that lives right around the corner from the chapel!

Then right after church Elder Wheeler, Watanabe, Brother Costigan, and myself were asked to sing (again, I don't know why people ask us) for a group of non members that are part of the community that tour all the different churches! So we sang "Who shall I serve" I don't know who its by but the brown hymn book sings it! We were pretty nervous but it turned out better this time! Once you put on a name tag people think your good at everything!

And then after that we have a musical fireside! So a lot more singing and talks! We had one of our investigators named Mo come! The spirit was so strong! I wish that I could have had all of you just sit next to me and feel how amazing it was! righteous music has such a powerful effect on our spirituality! I wish I would have payed more attention to what I listened to before my mission!

But here is the wrap up! This last week we fasted for new people to teach that were ready to receive the Gospel and act on it! and we were blessed with two golden people that accepted baptismal dates immediately and are keeping all the commitments! and we found quite a few new contacts that are promising! God hears our Prayers. Fasting brings miracles. whatever your circumstance a dedicated fast full of prayer could make the difference! I love you all

The Gospel Blesses Families and Individuals by drawing everyone closer to the Savior and redeemer of the world, Jesus Christ!

love Elder Wiser

​​This is ANZAC day "Australian New Zealand Army Core"
its like memorial day! its when everyone
remembers the people that fought and died
in the world wars! the whole country stopped!
we went to a dawn service at 5:30 and
we listen to people speak and read quotes and
tell stories about the war! its very moving and patriotic!​​

this is elder watanabe photo bombing the skyline photo.

this photo cost us 75 dollars to take because we were so
distracted by the nice car we never paid for our
parking pass so we got the wonderful ticket
for 75 dollars! hahaaha at least it was a cool car!

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