Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December 20, 2015

  so this week was so crazy! we had the missionary Christmas party with all of us in the mission! i got to meet up with my whole MTC district! they are champions! and i will sent pictures but i got a picture with four missionaries and we are all from weber high! YYYAAA go weber high! i get to talk with you guys this week! i am really looking forward to it! i even got my hair cut today;) i got a bunch of packages from home! you guys spoil me so much! thank you thank you thank you! i haven't opened any of them yet because they all so don't open until Christmas! i wont lie i was really tempted! but im holding out! 
     so this week we were in a members home giving a spiritual thought and my phone started to buzz so i pulled it out to turn it off and i read the name  "PRESIDENT MAXWELL" my heart sunk, he never calls specific missionaries unless there is news! so we ducked out real quick and when i answered he sounded really sad and almost hesitant! i was so nervous i thought he was going to tell me something about my family! but he said that there is an emergency transfer and they need someone to fill a hole in a different area. so i will be leaving tomorrow to go to a place called church hill park! i don't know anything about my new companion except he has only been out for three weeks so i will be finishing training him! and i have been told that the ward im going to is fantastic! the elder that left was the district leader and so i will be filling his role of district leader, and that's all i know right now! but i will give you more information when i call on Christmas! 
     i wont be able to set up the call until tomorrow because i don't know anything about the new area but i will get to you soon! 
     oh so good news cassie and her family came to church this week! it was so amazing! the speakers were awesome and they seemed to enjoy it! but they left very quickly after sacrament because of the heat! it was around 90 something degrees inside the chapel! we were getting cooked! but we are really excited that they are progressing! i am sad that i am leaving them at this point but elder liu is fantastic and he will carry on the work! 
     i have a picture on my camera of the temperature this Thursday! it hit 43 degrees C. which is 109 degrees F. so it was pretty warm! but where ever we went people let us in to stay out of the heat haha! we were using the weather to our advantage! 
     sorry that this letter is so short i ran out of time! but i have been focusing my studies on the prophets and apostles words and on the new testament the last few weeks! i have really learned a lot about the power of the atonement of Jesus Christ! that is the greatest gift we could ever be given! he is always there for us to strengthen and lift us! he knows who i am and my faults and weakness but also my strengths! and he will use all of them for my good! MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone that reads this! i hope you have an amazing Christ centred Christmas! i love you all! 
love elder wiser

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