Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October 16, 2016

Wow! This week was again very crazy! I love my companions they are so awesome and you will hear more about them in this letter, but to start off with a fun fact. In Australia, math is always plural so you would say "I have maths class" or my favorite subject is Maths" or "my Maths teacher" and bloody nose does not have a "Y" on the end so you would say "I have a blood nose." hahaha

This week we had some random miracles. We were driving in the car and this man gave a friendly wave at our car so we stopped and got out to talk to him. haha It sounds awkward just waving at a car and then they flip around and three guys in suits jump out to meet you. But it wasn't awkward. His name was bradley and he was walking with his girlfriend Crystal. We shared a little message and invited them to church and Bradley actually came, Crystal wasn't feeling well. But we will be meeting with them again this week. 

Then later in the week we were driving again, and we passed a park with a man sitting on a bench and I just really felt that we needed to talk to him, but we were already going to meet someone so I kinda brushed off the thought and drove around the corner but then it came back so I just pulled over and said we needed to talk to that man, and my companion, Elder Lauaki said that he had the same feeling so we jumped out really quick and while we were walking back to the park we met a man named Jared. He is from Zimabwe and he is so cool! We talked to him right in the middle of the road and gave him a book of mormon and set up a return apt. and then after we talked with him we went to the man in the park. and he could not really speak english, so the spiritual prompting to talk to him was just so we would get out of the car and meet up with Jared. At first we didn't understand that but Heavenly father knew what the plan was.

This week our bishop gave us a member that we could visit and help because a tree fell on the back of her house during some bad wind storms. We knocked on her door and there was nobody home so we decided to go look at the tree. haha We went into the back yard and decided it would be really cool if we got the tree off the roof before they came home.  So Elder Parau jumped on the roof and we all pushed the tree down and then started breaking off branches and carrying them to the front yard.  But the trunk was way too heavy to carry. but on our way out we just happened to find a hack saw. . . coincidence?... I think not.. . .and we cut this huge tree in half and then carried the first half out. But the second half had the roots and was really heavy. We tried to lift it but we couldn't. and my wonderful new companion, Elder Lauaki taught us a lesson and he said in his very simple english. . . "lets pray and then lift it". . .so he said a very humble prayer that explained we were not strong enough to lift it and that we needed strength to help this member. and then we all reached down and lifted up this tree, that we could not lift before, and carried it all the way to the front yard! It was definitely not easy but we were just barely strong enough to get it there. It reminded me that literally anything is possible with the Lord, even getting stronger instantly to carry a tree out of someones yard. It was a real testimony builder for me! 

     Something that really stood out to me from conference this week was the talk by Elder Oaks as he talked about missionary work. He invited every member of the church to pray for a chance to share the gospel to someone that was willing to recieve the restored Gospel. It is a bold promise but when we pray for our own individual missionary experience, we will see them. If Heavenly father will answer a prayer and give me physical strength to lift a tree, oh how much more would he give us strength to share the everlasting Gospel to one more of his beloved children. This Gospel is true! and we can find that out for sure by reading the book of mormon and asking the source of truth and knowledge, Heavenly Father, I love you all have a great week! 

Love Elder Wiser

this is the tree that we moved! it was a very good day!

this is our food and some slefies

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