Sunday, October 2, 2016

October 2, 2016

"How are yous going?"

To be an Aussie, if you desire to greet a single person you would ask them "how are you going?" the typical response is "Good Mate, You?" but if you are speaking to a group, simply ad an "s" on "you" so it becomes plural. "How are yous going?" 

This week went by so fast. It was the last week of the transfer. I will be staying for another transfer in the mighty Cranbourne ward of zion. Sadly my companion Elder Halsey will be leaving to go serve in a place called Greenvale. His companion will now be Elder Wheeler from Pleasant View Utah. My new companion is from New Calidonia. His name is Elder Parao. . I don't fully know how to spell it because I have only heard it verbally but it is pronounced Pa-dow. I'm really excited I will let you know more about him once I meet him. I will be meeting him tomorrow at the mission office. He has been out on his mission for a while.

We had a really cool experience at district meeting this last week. The picture of all the elders was taken right after district meeting. For this last district meeting of the transfer our district leader wanted to have a testimony/share our vision we recieved in the temple. So Elder Holt (our district leader) gave a training on being tact in missionary work and just went over our calling. Then we all took turns bearing our testimony. The spirit slowly filled the room and all of us felt so Good. Even though we hear testimonies so often, the spirit still bears witness that they are true. Its so amazing that God allows us to feel the spirit so often and frequently. Once we are baptised we qualify for the spirit in our lives, all we have to do is remain worthy and then listen. Whenever we truly listen to the spirit we can feel its effects. I have a testimony that has been confirmed and re-confirmed by the power of the Holy Ghost. I am so grateful for it.

We taught Nicole and Nathan again this week. They are so awesome. They got really sick on Saturday and they weren't able to attend church, but they were super sad about missing it. In our last lesson we taught about the family proclamation to the world and also prophets and then turned it into the restoration. They announced they would be getting married on valentines day 2018 which is kinda a long time away. But it will all be on the Lords time. The partner, Nathan, has never believed in God and since he started he has a solid determination to attend church every week and repent continually. His motivation is to become the husband and father his family deserves! and Nicole is doing everything she can to help him on the path. They are wonderful. Its such a miracle to see their lives changing. 

this last weekend was the grand final. Which is like the super bowl in America for the sport "aussie rules football" its a pretty cool sport to play. Look it up and see what you think. but the grand final is crazy. they tell us to not tract or street contact because everyone is so hyped up and usually drinking. Friday is a national holiday so that everyone can watch the pre game parade and get mentally ready for the game on Saturday! its really cool. everyone says that Australia is not very patriotic but they just show it in a different way. When it comes to sports everyone bands together.

On Sunday we went to the mission president fireside, which is for all of the investigators less active and recent convert members. It was really cool. I love hearing from president and sister Vidmar. after the meeting on of the members in our ward asked if she could have a blessing. and so to give her a blessing we needed another person to join us and President was standing right there so we asked him to help us out. It was a really great experience, Presidnet Vidmar explained the principal of faith when it comes to blessings and then offered a prayer to invite in the spirit. The member asked Elder Halsey to annoint and me to give the blessing. I know that the priesthood power has been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith so that we could have it on the earth today! I love this Gospel. It changes lives constantly! I'm really excited to listen to General Conference this coming week. If any of yous have any insights from conference I would love to hear about them. and I have loved hearing the missionary experiences. love you all

love Elder Wiser

This is the sign that welcomes us into Cranbourne! 

This is the Moe district! Elders Holt and Shreeve are the tallest. 
Elder Wison has glasses, Elder Jacinto and Prestousa 
are from the philipines, and elder carroll is from Australia. Great people

these are our service clothes, we mowed some lawns pulled weeds and 
moved a bunch of hard rubbish for an elderly lady this week.

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