Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 30, 2016

One of my new favorite slang terms is Fair dinkom, which means far out, at first I felt really weird saying it but people take it seriously, for example You would say "I just won 10,000 dollars" then I would say "wow mate, fair dinkom thats great!" you would smile and say "right"

Happy Halloween everyone, in Australia halloween is celebrated but it is not very big, people don't really trick or treat. The church puts on a party for every ward so that the kids have a safe place to dress up and get lollies. So we had our ward activity called a trunk or treat (which is funny because they call trunks boots and treats lollies) so the activity should be called boot and lollie. Anyway we had a really good turn out and a lot of less active members and investigators came and had a really good time!

Nicole and Nathan. They invited us to a BBQ (there was no shrimp on the barbie) but they are so sincere, they love praying together and they both came to church this Sunday. In our lessons last week, we talked about marriage before baptism and they said they would pray about it. After church on sunday they came up to us and announced that they would be talking with both of their families about having a civil marriage "soon like very soon" in the words of Nathan. In the lesson they said "so what do i have to do to be sealed?" and "where do I have to sign to become a member because I want to join" its honestly so great, they have changed quite a bit since we first met them, they seem to be a lot happier and more importantly there relationship with God is growing! I know that the Gopsel of Jesus Christ strengthens families! and I know that families are eternal! I love my family and knowing that we have a greater purpose, and knowing that I was sent to my family for a reason makes me want to work even harder to be better! we are not always perfect but thats when we use the Atonement of Jesus Christ to correct our wrongs and forgive and forget! I love the Gospel! 

Our ward is amazing! We just got a new elders quorum and ward mission leader and they are all so gun! We have been going on rescue visits twice a week and so many families are being helped! Just another testimony the the gospel is centred on families! The hearer and the teacher are edified together! When missionaries and members work together that is where its at! will you ask the missionaries to teach a non member in your home or ask them when they have rescue visits and attend with them?

I read a scripture that struck me this morning! Alma 29:4-5. it talks about God granting blessings according to our desires weather they be good. . .OR bad. it really made me think of what my desires are, because if I have selfish desires I will have selfishness restored unto me, if I have sincere desires I will have sincerity restored unto me. Give that scripture a read and let me know what you think. I know the scriptures are true

Love you heaps 

Love Elder Wiser

My companions 

this is my dream car haha stingray! 

this is a 1450 harley and it has 22 inch ape
hangers, they are so not legal but the
guy was very happy
when i knew what they were.

this is elder lauaki sleeping in his suit
he was so tired he couldnt even change.

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