Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 20, 2016

WOW it has definitely been a fast week. We had transfers and Elder Parau and I picked up the new (golden) missionary. his name is Elder Etilage ( e.t. lajgghhh) he is speaking English for the first time and so we both are trying are best to help him learn English. I thought I knew English but now that I am trying to teach it I realized that I have no idea haha.

So mistake of the week: We have been working with a less active member for a few weeks his name is Alfred he is 82 years old. and after offering to help for a while he finally said yes. so we set up a day to come and mow and whipper snip (weed eat) his lawn. So we were busy at doing that for a while and I was assigned to rake up all the grass clippings. After a while my hands started to get some big blisters because my calluses are completely gone now. So I went to the car to get some gloves and accidentally locked the keys in the boot (trunk) and all the doors were locked. . . so we were super locked out and we had to call the office to bring a spare key. and since we live far away we had to cancel a lot of our appointments that day =( 

Update for the week: Those investigators that we have been working with for a while, Nicole and Nathan, are doing awesome. they are the young Australian couple. They have been coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon. They met with bishop last week so that they could set up a marriage date before they get baptized. When we taught them about the word of wisdom they got super excited. They used to drink Alcohol coffee and tea, but they are giving them up because they know that God will bless them. They want to be baptized at the beginning of 2017! We found them while looking for unknown less active families and God directed us right to them! its cool how the gospel works

Miracle for the week: so again we were trying to find some less active members off the ward list and we decided to do "the five door rule" (when the family you try to contact is not home you knock the doors on the right and left and across the street) so we tried to visit the Scott family but we ended up knocking on this woman named Sarah's door. At first she kept saying I'm not interested and trying to close the door, but Elder Parau just kept asking questions and bearing testimony and then she told us that her 15 year old son has really been struggling and that she thinks God could help. So two days later we taught Sarah and Braden, they are very excited about learning the Gospel. They said they would read the pamphlet as a family and work together to learn. Just another example of how the Gospel can bless families! 

Something that I learned at church this week: Knowledge looks to the past and is based on experience, faith looks to the future and is derived from trust. If we keep looking to the past than it makes it hard to progress, (just like walking forward while looking backwards). But when we "look forward with faith" then we can see the challenges coming and trust that the Lord will help us to over come them even if we dont know how. We live in a time of miracles! I love the Gospel so much. It truly does make us all better people! have an amazing week

love Elder Wiser

This is the last day of Elder Lius mission!
He was my follow up trainer from last September to December.
He is from tiawan! but he is home now.
I really am going to miss him!

I dont know what kind of road kill this is but its like a huge lizard.

we got a referral for a family that lived in a tent
on the edge of our area so we walked some
dirt roads. we found them after a while haha

this is our new companion! Elder Etilage.
He is from Tahiti. Their native tounge is French
and so he is currently learning english.
His hobbies are spear fishing, a form of canoeing, and
surfing! he is the man!

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  1. English is a hard language to teach, even if you know it well! That was really nice of you all to help an older person with their lawn, but what a bummer you got your keys locked in. I have done the same thing before and luckily had a spare key nearby. Good luck with your missions!

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardwares