Monday, November 30, 2015

November 29, 2015

hey everyone!

so we have transfers this week. elder Liu and I are both staying in the Mooroolbark area for another transfer! we are both so excited. and Happy Thanksgiving last week! i am thankful for all of you back home! there is a wonderful family (the McDonald) that puts on thanksgiving for all of the Americans in the ward! Bro McDonald is from America and he served his mission in Melbourne and returned after his mission to get married, and they made everything gluten free so that i could have turkey and gravy! it was wonderful! 
      the Rimando family, the ones i broke the guitar string at, invited us over again but for dinner this time. it was a birthday party so they invited a bunch of there non-member family and they made this huge Pilipino dinner for us, they use heaps of spices and it was very good. but something always goes wrong when we go there, elder liu stood up to shake someone's hand and he knocked over this tall glass full of orange juice and it fell right onto all of the food and shattered all over the table. i felt so bad for him, he turned bright red and just kept looking down! but we got everything cleaned up and ended up having an awesome night, we sang hymns and said all of the blessing that heavenly father gives to us and all the things we were thankful for!
     update on tiffany and brodie, they are progressing really well, we have been continuing to meet with them, tiffany has a very large fear of big groups of people so church is a bit of a challenge at the moment, but as she grow there faith and testimony she will begin to enjoy it. and next time were going to sit on the front row so that she can not see anyone and hopefully she wont panic! they have a baptisimal date for January 2.
    i don't know if i have told you about cassie and her family for a long time, she was the lady that elder liu and i gave the blessing to on the first lesson. there family has been really excited about meeting with us! the father is less active and has been since he was 16 but he sits in on the lessons with us. they have four girls Chloe, Sarah, Teneille, and Olivia. the mom and three of the girls are working for the baptisimal date on the 19th of December! Olivia the youngest is only 5. i will update you more on them next week! 
    and update on lexi, so she is still doing awesome! this sunday we helped her to pay her tithing and then she had an interview with the bishop for her temple recommend and she will be going to do baptisms for the dead this Tuesday! she is so excited to go to the temple and its because her fellowship Natasha Brooks has been such a wonderful example and has been bearing her testimony to lexi and helping her to feel comfortable! when members are active in missionary work it makes all the difference! so i would like to challenge everyone at home to help welcome new members and investigators to the ward it will bless you and the investigator! i love missionary work! it is the greatest! and i love the gospel! have an amazing week everyone! 

love elder wiser

so we got word on Saturday that elder liu will be staying in Mooroolbark, and I will be also staying in Mooroolbark for our third transfer!!! we are stoked! and our whole district is staying as well!

this is the adams family
brother david adams is our ward mission leader! and his wife sue adams takes such good care of us they are so amazing! so I taught them how to do a wrestler photo! sis adams almost got it right!

these are two wonderful families
so the one outside is ryan and mary Miranda with neal is the father and the daughters name is isabella! they are the people that organize meals for us everyday!

this is the unwin family! peter served his mission in Arizona and southern Utah! they are fantastic!

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