Monday, November 30, 2015

November 22, 2015

So this week started out with a zone p-day! Our zone is making a missionary version of "a bugs life" and so we all dressed up in these ridiculously ghetto costumes and made a really funny little video, I was a grasshopper so I had to act all mean and tough and boss all of the ants around! The random people watching us film it probably have some weird views of the LDS church haha. 

So this week I went on exchanges with an Elder named Elder Theurer (tire) and we are so alike, we are both from Utah and love fly fishing and we are both going to Utah state when we get home! He wants to be an oral surgeon and I want to be an orthodontist. But for crazy experiences for the week. Elder Liu and I were talking to people at the train station and after two hours we decided to go. So when we got back in the car I had a really big feeling that we needed to go back, so I asked Elder Liu if we could just walk through the station one more time. and the first person we talked to was this older lady sitting at the bus stop. she was really sad and felt like God hated her, so we just kept bearing testimony that God loves her and its never to late to change, and after a minute of talking to her she mention a psychiatric hospital, and it turns out that she had ran away from the hospital and she didn't want to go back and if she didn't go back then the police would be sent to find her and lock her up! so Elder Liu and I just kept talking to her and called a member from the ward to come and give us all a ride to the hospital. She really didn't want to go and so we just kept showing her little pictures of Jesus and quoting little scriptures and that seemed to calm her down! and so we finally got her back into the hospital. 
So we had some bad news, Isabell that girl we have been working with doesn't want to learn anymore. She feels like there are to many rules that she can't keep, and so she dropped us. We were devastated, but its probably not her time, the Lord has perfect timing and when she is ready to receive the gospel it will be presented to her. We are going to keep in contact with her still. 
     And some good news, we got in contact with a girl named tiffany and her boyfriend Brodie. We haven't been able to meet with them before because they kept dodging us, but we finally caught them at home and the spirit touched them and now they are really excited to learn more. i will keep you updated on how they are going!
    But my testimony has grown so much this week about the lords timing, sometimes we want things to happen now or maybe later or in a different order, but the lord knows best. and if we trust in him and continue to do the things that we are supposed to be doing then He will send miracles! we are all children of Heavenly Father and he loves us! and knowing that gives me great strength in every aspect of my life!
I love you all
trust in God
love Elder Wiser

this is elder Theurer he is from salt lake city Utah! he is the man!

here is some scenic pictures of Australia! this is on exhanges so it is not in our area :)
this is a birthday cake that i had to take a picture of because of Shelby!

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  1. This is my son Elder Theurer. So fun to be directed to this blog and see him with Elder Wiser. Thanks for unknowingly sharing this with me!!