Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 8, 2015

WOW!  I know I say this like every week but this week was crazy! Early in the week we went over and did service for this lady named Patsy, she is a non-member, her friend was there that was a member, Sister Trenos. I am pretty sure that we moved every piece of furniture in her house, it was like a huge puzzle trying to figure out what door was big enough to fit the giant couches through and how to slide the huge dressers along the floor without destroying everything. But when we finished we asked her to share her favourite scripture and then we would do the same, and when we read out of the Book of Mormon she wanted nothing to do with it, but after bearing testimony, explaining, and bearing testimony some more, she finally took a copy of the Book of Mormon. Later in the week we ran into Sister Trenos and she said that she had been trying for years to give Patsy a Book of Mormon and she wanted nothing to do with it, but when we all bore testimony and the spirit was there, her heart was softened and she accepted it, miracle.

       We had a pretty funny experience while tracting this week. We were knocking this street and it was starting to get dark, and we usually stop when it gets dark but for some reason I just wanted to keep going, so we kept going and kept going and we finally knocked on the last door for the night. This lady came to the front window and said what do you want through the window, and so we started to tell her we were missionaries and what our purpose was, and she still wouldn't open the door, so we just went into the plan of salvation and started teaching her that there is life after this one! and she still wouldn't open the door, and so after about twenty minutes of us talking through the window we offered her a pamphlet with our information on it and she opened the door and continued to talk with us, but when we tried to set a return appointment she said no like six times. I remembered back when dad was teaching us about "alternate close" so I just said "do weekends or week days work better?" and she said week days, and then I said "okay you probably have work so afternoons might be hard so we will stop by Wednesday at five o'clock" and she started to laugh because of our persistence and finally gave in! So we are going back to meet with her again!!! yay haha persistence is real! 

      LEXI WAS BAPTISED, it was such an amazing day. Her mom and her brother came to the baptism to support her and she was so happy. she said, "I have heard people say how amazing their baptism was but I couldn't understand how getting dunked in water could be so great, but now I know, and it is amazing." She was smiling so big. The spirit was so strong. The gospel brings such a great and mighty change in the lives of those who choose to live it! She asked me to give a talk on the holy ghost and Elder Liu and I and two other missionaries sang come follow me. Elder Liu was really nervous to baptise her and he mixed up some of the words and so they had to do it twice, but Lexi said she was happy she got to be put under the water twice because the water felt so good! and Isabell, one of the other investigators, came to the baptism and we set an apt. to meet with her this week! such a blessing.

    This week we had stake conference and Elder Paul Coward from the seventy came and spoke! Even though his last name is Coward he is probably the most bold man I have ever heard! He was clutching the pulpit and shaking his fists, and he didn't have any notes. He just went back and talked about general conference and how we should not just watch but rewatch and memorize all that our prophet and apostles are saying! Then he started calling people out of the crowd to share what they had learned. One man said that he had been trying to ponderize a scripture every week and then Elder Coward told him to stand up and tell over 800 people what scripture he was focusing on! and this guy without hesitating busted out his scripture! It was so cool! but we truly have a living prophet on the earth today and it is important what they share with us! and so I would invite everyone who reads this to go back and listen to at least one conference talk, if not more! I know that President Monson is the only man that can receive revelation for the whole church and that by listening to him we can draw closer to Jesus Christ! I love you all! have an amazing week

Love Elder Wiser

This is at lexi's baptism :) she didn't get confirmed this week because we had stake conference, so she will be confirmed next Sunday

We always use this magic trick of pulling off our thumbs to get the children to pay attention haha

This is another huge spider, over Elder Liu's bed! we had an epic battle with insect repellent, blue window cleaner, and some shampoo, but we finally killed it!

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