Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 15, 2015

So the Australian line that Elder Liu and I have been using this week is "flat out like a lizard drinking" and apparently it means you are really busy! so this week we have been flat out like a lizard drinking!! so lexi was confirmed a member of the church this Sunday and she asked me to do it! im not going to lie I was a little nervous to give her a blessing in front of the whole ward, I kept imagining myself like sneezing into the microphone or something really awkward like that! but after a prayer for confidence I got through it and everything went over smoothly! and the meeting after was so amazing! it was all about the spirit and how when we are worthy the spirit can bless us! lexi was beaming at the end! 
     so this week we had a huge service project out in the bush! the bush looks like the jungle and it is so green! but this house had been completely over grown with vegetation! there were four men with whipper snippers (weed wacker) and they just hacked everything and we put them into big piles and burned them! I think I was enjoying the fire to much and I was letting it get a little big so they gave me the special job of sweeping the roof! so I officially got banished from the fire :(
     so we met with cassie the lady that was sick and we gave her a blessing and her family again! we went through the restoration and they are really excited to get baptised! now all we have to do is get through the rest of the lessons! there are prepared people everywhere its just a matter of finding them! 
   so this week elder liu and I had a goal to sing a hymn with everyone that we taught a lesson to! and I really struggle with finding the right starting note and elder liu and I can never sing the same notes but we still sang with every family! it was always a Capella and it never sounded all that amazing but the words of the hymns invite the spirit in! I understand why we sing so much at church! I love singing and i have been really trying to focus on every word in the song, and if i don't understand it, I look it up! and it has really changed my view! we can learn so much from the hymns! so im going to give you a challenge! next time you sing a hymn, try to understand every word, and if it doesn't make sense then look it up! it will make sacrament meeting even more special and significant! i honestly love going to church! there is a spiritual experience every week as long as you are looking for it! the lord can answer our prayers in so many ways, and through the testimony of others is a big one! i love my mission so much! im having such a good time and im learning so much everyday! i love you all and i hope that you are having an amazing week! the church is true and we can find the most happiness by following EVERY gospel principal and EVERYTHING that the prophets and apostles say. they are truly men of god. 

i love you all 
keep the commandments :)
love elder wiser
we found a Christmas tree in our flat and we though this would be an appropriate decoration!

I played the accordion! I actually played I "stand all amazed" it was so great!

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