Monday, September 5, 2016

September 4, 2016

Hello everyone! It was another great week in the great Cranbourne ward of zion! This last sunday was fathers day in Austalia, so happy Australian fathers day to everyone! We got fed right after church by a Samoan family, and they cooked a mui. . .which is like a full pig that they cook on a bunch of rocks on the ground. It was pretty good. They had like raw fish salads and this thing called luao . . I dont know how to say it but it is taro (which is a vegatable) chopped up and mixed with coconut cream and wrapped in coconut leaves and then baked for a very long time. It comes out like this dark brown mush but it tastes very good. Then we got fed again at a cook islanders home! I thought I was going to explode. But needless to say we get taken care of down here!

      This last week was really great we were able to go on exhanges with the assistants to the president, they have been doing short training exhanges with as many people as they can, so it wasnt because I am disobedient hahaah ;) but I was able to go with the newly called AP and his name is Elder Jeremia, it was only a short exchange but it really strenghtened my testimony of leaders. They are called of god to help us! He said that he didn't know what he was doing, but his example made a world of difference in our area, he gave some advice which he thought was random but it was exactly what I needed to hear. I thought that that experience was so cool because sometimes we (like this new assistant) don't feel like we are helping people but in reality we are helping people more than we can ever imagine. Just like Abinidi, as long as we are following the spirit we will be instruments in gods hands. It reminded me also of Samuel Smith, Joseph Smiths younger brother! He was the first missionary to be called on a full time mission. His first mission was for three years and nobody joined the church because of him, he felt like a failure. during that time they sold book of Mormons and nobody wanted to buy any so he ended up giving one away to a reverend for another church his name was reverend green, at the time he wasn't interested but later Reverend Green's wife read the Book of Mormon and felt the spirit and they both were converted. That same Book of Mormon fell into the hands of Brigham Young, who became the second prophet of the church. So even though Samuel felt like a failure, he was the first contact that Brigham Young had with the church. by small things are great things brought to pass! I love you all 

have a great week

love Elder Wiser

we found this sign in a retirement village and so we took a bunch of photos next to him. . he turned out to be a great missionary;)

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