Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September 11, 2016

Hello amazing people. this last week we had a moment of silence for September 11th . . . which is today for you but yesterday for me. It was a very scary time, I was too young to remember but people in Australia remember watching it on the news fearing that the world was going to end soon. and there are a lot of things to fear today as well. But I have found peace in the fact that the truth is on the earth. That there is a life beyond this one and that all of the trials and struggles we go through are for a reason. Even if we feel like there is no point and completely alone, then we can rely on Christ who has felt everything that we have ever felt, and rely on him to strenghten us! the Gospel (good news) is such a peaceful message and I feel very blessed to share it with others. I have been recieving some missionary experiences that people from home have had lately. and i love it, if you have any more missionary experiences I would love to hear about them.

     This week was pretty busy, we had quite a lot of meetings and a lot of traveling but there has been many mighty miracles. We found a new lady to teach her name is Nicole. We found her by trying to find an unknown member, but the member had moved and she lived in the house. She didn't seem very interested at first but was very kind and kept inviting us back. and this week we took a member of the ward (Bro Va'a) to teach with us. and he invited her to come to a family home evening with him. So tonight we will be having a family home evening with Bro Va'a and his young family, Nicole and her young family (she is 22) and also bishop and his young family! We are so excited. Nicole and her husband seem so prepared to accept the gospel, she hasn't had any concerns yet, she just says "ya we would love to" whenever we invite them to anything. so humble! 

Also Elder Halsey had a spiritual prompting to visit a in-active man. Usually they are not home but this time he opened the garage right as we were walking away and invited us to talk to him. He expressed that he had just been thinking about the church and how he really needs to go back after 35 years of inactivity. Gods timing is perfect. His ways are higher than our ways and so sometimes his timing doesn't make sense to us, but when we follow him we will always be strengthened! I love love the gospel so much, Christ is truly the prince of peace. The spirit will always prompt us to do the right thing, and when we have the faith to follow miracles will present themselves! This church is true. I love you all 

have an amazing week

love Elder Wiser

this is the fluffiest felion that i have ever seen. so we took pictures haha.

this is the teremates, who teach temple prep and two of the youth that are preparing to go to the temple, they took us to a place called the lynbrook hotel, and its an all you can eat buffett! i was stoked, lots of gluten free options.

and this is a shirt that bro Fesolai gave to us, he is the man that elder halsey was prompted to see! 

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