Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 27, 2016

Hello every one, this week has been great! so I keep learning more about my companion! He is good at everything he does! He was a skater and surfer before he came on the mission. and I found out this week that he can also do the "Melbourne shuffle" the dance style that we used to do back at home! This morning for workouts we just Melbourne shuffled around the kitchen to no music haha it was great! but this last p-day he had the crazy idea to build nun-chucks out of rolled up magazines and shoe laces, so thats what we are holding in the picture! We honestly wrestle every single day haha he is so much bigger than me but we have a great time! We both started to get some big bruises from messing around with the nun-chucks so we decided to destroy them hahaha we burried our weapons of war ;)
     Our area is going fantastic, we have had alot of organizing and cleaning to do though. We had a flat inspection on Thursday and there was no way we were going to pass, so we completely gutted the whole flat and got everything organized, and its true that the spirit cannot dwell in unclean places! so I would like to leave the invitation that parents always leave, to clean your room! it doesn't just make you and your parents happy but it really invites the spirit! and also while cleaning out this forbidden closet we found hundreds of old teaching records that we are now sorting through, we have already found one new investigator named Glen from the pile!  cleaning is awesome!

     So we are working with a few families and they are so close to baptism! James Latu is a 19 year old and he loves the gospel and he comes to church every sunday, but he has no where to live so he lives under the same roof of his girlfriend and her family. . . . and so he cant be baptized until he moves out, but we will be meeting with him tomorrow! and another family, the Lomu family, they are part Samoan and the four kids have just recently been baptized but the mom and dad are not married yet and so they are trying to get married soon! When we went to visit them last week they had been reading their scriptures and having a wonderful family home evening! It was great! and we found some new investigators last week! We are going to be so busy this next week. I love it. 

      We had an amazing experience on Easter sunday, we decided to go visit a man in the ward named bro Poole, he is in a terminal care unit with a progressing desease, it started in his feet where he lost the ablilty to move his toes and progressed up his body until now he can only move his head and talk! He can't live with his family or do any of the things he used to do. So we decided to go visit to see if their was anything we could do to help, when we walked in their were all of the gospel pictures covering the walls and he was listning to the Book of Mormon audio tape and just smiling away! All of the trials that he has gone through recently have only strenghtened his testimony, later in our conversation we got talking about missionary work, bro Poole is amazing! every person that comes into the room he bears testimony to them of the divinity of Christ and how it has blessed his life. This man is confined to a wheelchair and is unable to do anything for himself was inviting everyone within the sound of his voice to learn more about Christ! I am so thankful that we have this gospel in our lives! It means everything to me, all of the happiness that I have felt relates back to the gospel and blessings! I know that Christ lives and that because of him we are able to change! I'm thankful for the gift of the Holy Ghost that comforts and guides me through life, and I know that if I follow the promptings I will make it back to live with my loving Heavenly Father! happy Easter everyone, I hope you felt the spirit of the lord! I love Him and He loves us! He is with us always

have an amazing week 
love Elder Wiser!

the Australian sunset

This is our district leader council! In the front is my companion Elder Ferris and behind him Sister Tupu and Almond are the sister training leaders and then Elder Scott on the back left is in my old ward in Churchill Park and Elder Kini Kini is a district leader in the zone! love them all

We had to go to the city for a fire side! the city is huge! 

these are the elders that I came to Australia with! love them

so this is my companion! Elder Ferris

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