Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 6, 2016

So this Tuesday we had an amazing experience, we were asked to teach the Faith in God (which is primary) ages 8-12 year olds, for two hours. We were assigned to teach the articles of faith 4 and 5. These kids were amazing most of them already knew them by heart! But I didnt realize how hard it is to teach 8 year olds haha they have an attention span of maybe 30 seconds! They were like rolling on the floor and jumping of the tables. But Jordan balmes our ward mission leader pulled out some lollies and the kids all sat down and folded their arms. i thought it was so funny! but we only tought for 10 minutes and they we just played soccer for the next hour. hopefully they learned something! 

     So this week elder o vincent hallock of the area 70 came and toured our mission! It was so fantastic. on tuesday we had a meeting with half of the mission and President Maxwell and his wife and Elder Hallock and his wife. And before we started he wanted to shake all of our hands so we got in a huge line and it was finaly my turn and right before I shake his hand, President Maxwell says "Elder Wiser is it alright if we go in the hall for a second, I need to talk to you" . . .. . and again my heart just dropped. He let my shake Elder Hallocks hand first but then we walked out into the hall and I'm sure he could see how nervous I was. I started to think if there was anything that I had done wrong or hopefully something I had done good. Then he just asked me if I would give a talk on repentance in the middle of the conference. . . . . .in front of him and his wife, the area 70, some stake presidents and their families, and over 100 missionaries. So I just casually said "I would love to" but really I was pretty nervous. We recieved so much good advice from Elder Hallock as he trained about planning and how it is always needed and how to use family history as a missionary tool! it was amazing. But then it was my turn to speak and I felt like he would have chosen a couple of people but nope it was just me and then two sisters bore their testimonies. I'm not going to lie, I think it was probably the worst talk I have ever given but everyone was still so nice and Elder Hallock said that it was an amazing talk. I can't even remember what I talked about haha. 

       I sent some pictures with the birds on my shoulder. Those are wild birds cockatoos and they are huge! They have been feed by tourists and so they are really confortable around humans and so all i had to do is put out a piece of bread ( gluten free garlic bread) and they climbed all over me! It was so crazy, I kinda laughed when I thought about the birds in Pleasant View Utah. . . I don't think their are any left;) but they left all of these crazy scratch marks all over my arms and shoulders!
      We got a new bishop this week and his name is Bishop Bonafacio he is amazing! He talked to us already about how he is really excited about missionary work and the plans that he has to use us! blessings. 

      So this week was my birthday. and I didn't really want to tell anyone, but Elder Liu and Morones remebered and got me a birthday gift and then I went to a DLC meeting which is the zone leaders and the district leaders and the sister training leaders and they found out some how and after the meeting they had bought a cake for one of the sisters who's birthday was in two days and then they got me gluten free rice cakes because they couldnt find any gluten free cake haha it was so kind of them to think about me! and then we had another meeting at Jordan Balmes house. and Mom you sent him all of those videos! That was the most amazing surprise! It was so good to see your faces! I was honestly so happy! I was so awkward in the video that I sent back but it really caught me off guard haha! it was the greatest birthday ever! thank you so so so so so so much! 

      This week was amazing! I have been loving studying the end of the new testiment and it talkes alot about how saints should act and love everyone! I think its in 2 Peter it is talking about if we claim to follow Christ we need to love everyone as Christ loves them, that really stood out to me! We are all loved the same by our Heavenly Father. If we pay close attention then we will be used as instruments to answer others prayers! I know that Heavenly Father hears and will answer our prayers and I'm so grateful that I can have the gospel in my life, I grow everysingle day because of it! 

I love you all have a great week!

so this is my follow up trainer elder liu ( mission dad) and elder morones (mission son) and they are serving together now haha what a coincidence! and they got me a birthday present! if you cant tell its a guitar, it was so kind but were not aloud to have them so i have to give it to the office haha

these are wild cacatoos (pardon spelling) they have gotten fed by tourists and so i held out a piece of bread and they coverd me  haha it was great!

my zone got me rice cakes becuase they couldnt find a gluten free cake hahha
 jordan balmes got me an australian flag to hang up by my american flag! and some really nice ties and a notepad that has australian money printed on it so i could remember what it looked like! he is the man! he is so excited to see you 

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