Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 28, 2016

Last monday we had a miracle, we went over to a families house for dinner. They are active members but for some reason we could not find out what lesson we should share with them, everything we suggested didnt feel right. So we both finally decided on teaching the restoration to them, and when we showed up for dinner we figured out why. They had a distant relative who needed a place to stay, his name is Jay, he is 20 years old and he is traveling the world, he is from Canada. 

We had an amazing dinner and when it came time for the lesson we had already planned for the restoration so we asked if we could share it with the family! The spirit was very strong and the lesson went really well! He committed to praying and asking for truth! We will follow up with him on Tuesday! but I thought it was really cool that the Holy Ghost warned us ahead of time what we would be teaching even though we had no idea that an investigator would be there! 

       Update on Ernie, he is still having commitment problems, he can't decide if he wants to be baptized and then we are having a hard time getting ahold of him because of his training. so we are pretty gutted about that.

      This week I got the privalege to conduct another baptisimal interview, they are so amazing. We just get to ask these questions and listen to people bear their testimony, and listen to the spirit to see if they are prepared to be baptized. We showed up to the appt. and I figured out that the family doesn't speak English. so I would ask the question in English, and the translator would change it to Samoan, and I would listen to the answer in Samoan and English, but the spirit is not bound by different languages, the spirit was there when she was testifying in Samoan! and she was really excited about getting baptized!

     Last story for the week, we went on exchanges with the pre-missionaries in the ward and this pre-missionary (Andre) and I had a great experience! We decided to visit this less active/recent convert who got offended and has struggled to get back to church. Her name is Julie and she has a wonderful 4 year old daughter named Olivia! She is so hyper active she was drawing on everything, and pulling out all of her toys to show us, and she ended up spilling koolaid all over my pants haha. but she was so cute. We shared a little message about prayer and told some experiences of our prayers getting answered and then out of no where Olivia said "I want to pray, can I pray?" and Julie said yes and asked if I would teach her how to pray. Teaching a four year old how to pray is challenging but we finally got it down and she was ready to try. This was her prayer "Dear Heavenly Father, please bless . . . . cake. . . in the name of Jesus Christ amen." haha it was so cute but we told her to pray for things she is thankful for and things she needs and she tried again. " Dear Heavenly Father, please bless . . . . cake  and chocolate. . . in the name of Jesus Christ amen." It was a really funny experience but then I had the realization, how often do I pray exactly like that? Heavenly Father probably smiles down on us and gives a little chuckle when we pray for things that in the long run don't make a difference. Sure chocolate and cake would be really nice to have, but they don't help us draw closer to Jesus Christ. and so I was taught a lesson by a cute four year old girl and the spirit this week! Heavenly Father hears our prayers but he also knows EXACTLY what we need, and EXACTLY what will help us the most. and those are the things that he gives to us! so I commited myself to pray more sincerely, and I would like to extend that invitation for you to do the same!  I love you all have an amazing week.

love Elder Wiser

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