Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February 21,2016

Hello Everyone! 

So I know that I say this everytime but its so true! This week was amazing! It went by way to fast, but here are some of the things that happened!

     So update on Ernie, he sorta dissapeared this week! He wouldn't answer the door or his phone and he didnt show up to church, so we will try and figure out what happened this week. On Sunday we were at church an hour early and we decieded that the only way to get Ernie to church was to drive the half hour up and half hour back to pick him up! So we grabbed our ward mission leader Jordan Balmes and asked him to follow us up so that Ernie could ride in his car back. So we started this drive up and for some reason Jordan kept falling behind! So I started to slow down and wait and slow down some more and I realized that he stayed consistantly 20 kilometers under the speed limit! There were like fifty cars lined up behind us on these winding skinny roads and they were honking and flashing their lights but he just stuck to what he felt confortable with! All I could do was laugh the whole way hahah. But when we got there Ernie didn't answer the door or his phone and so we just had to drive back down to church . . . going 20 kilometers under the speedlimit the whole way;) 

        We had zone conferences this week and that is where two zones and President Maxwell and his wife and the assistants to the president all gather together and have alot of trainings! and I was asked to give a training . . . . great! so I used some information that Shayna sent down to me about preach my gospel and the missionary purpose and mixed it with one of my favorite hobbies, fly fishing! It turned out alright, I had a hard time explaining how to fly fish but it was all fun!

      This week we got a referal to a man named Jonah he is from Sudan, he was in the hospital room number 36 west wing! So we went to the hospital and walked to the west wing and asked for room number 36 and when we pushed back the curtain we instantly knew it was the wrong room! Inside of this room was a greiving family whose father had just passed away from a strange virus. We had no idea what to do, so we just stood there! After a minute one of the sons took us out into the hall and we were able to talk to him, we told him that we had been sent to the room number 36 wich is true but for some reason was the wrong room! and that we were sorry for the loss and asked if we could help but he declined. So we went on the search for the actual room and it was on the other side but we finally found Jonah and talked to him about his life and talked alittle bit about the restoration and we will hopefully be meeting with him this week if he gets out of hospital! 

        But this week I have really had the strong impression about the sabboth day! Sunday is such a blessing, it is a day that we can relax from the world and focus fully on our relationship with our heavenly father! It is a day of spiritual revelation, if we take a quesiton to church every sunday and are prepared to recieve the answer then we will recieve spiritual promptings! I know that the heavens are not closed, we live in a time of miracles! Heavenly Father is reaching out to us!

I love you all have an amazing week

Love Elder Wiser

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