Monday, February 15, 2016

February 14, 2016

Hello everyone!

It has been another wonderful week down under! It's still really really hot down here! 

I want to start this weeks email out with a miracle. I don't know if you remember one of our former investigators named Ernie! He was the17 year old 6 ft 7 one that is going to play American football (grid iron). We were devastated because we could not get contact with him. He seemed so sincere but then all of a sudden he stopped answering our calls and texts and wouldn't answer the door! So it has been about a month since we made contact with him.Eelder Garcia-kempf and I were doing some tracting, and the phone starts to go off, when I saw that it was Ernie I was super confused. But when I answered he was super happy and all he said was! "I have been really busy, sorry that we haven't got in contact, but when can I meet you next?" He lives really far away and so I told him that we would be in his area tomorrow, and that we were excited to talk to him then. but then he said. . . . "can you come over right now?" So after our dinner appointment we drove the half hour to get to his home! We had no idea what he was going to tell us but he started to talk about how he was invited to go play grid iron (football) in a Utah high school! There were a few thoughts that went through my head first of all "darnit! we wont be able to teach him because he is moving" and then second "oh . . . .that's why other schools have such good sports teams, they recruit from all around the world!!!!!" But the second thought wasn't very important. He went on to explain that he will be flying to Provo Utah on March 15th to play football for Timpview high school (I don't know how to spell that school) and the last week all he could think about was the missionaries, and so he prayed and received an answer to his prayers that he needs to be baptized as soon as possible!!! you should have seen my face when he turned and said "Elders I need to be baptized, when is the next baptisimal date?" so we told him that he needs to go through all of the lessons and he needs to come to church twice. and he agreed! That was an amazing miracle! We had stake conference this week and he said he was coming but we didn't see him there, but maybe he just came through a different door!  
      So dumb story for the week! We were asked to do service for this amazing 89 year old lady in the ward! She needed to have some concrete layed and tons of weeds pulled and some clothes lines built and some trees cut down etc. So we got some other elders to come with us and we spent four hours working super hard out in the sun! but it payed off because the cement turned out really nicely! We were kinda joking about how every artist signs his work and how we should sign it, and a shed would be covering the cement so it wouldn't matter if we wrote our names in it. So right before we left I just reached down and scratched a large WISER in the corner. . . . . .sadly I soon found out that the shed would cover all of the cement. . .exept the six inch front edge where I had managed to write my name! So that poor woman will have to see my name scratched into her cement every time she goes to the shed! haha. I felt so dumb! But she wasn't mad at all she kept saying that now she will remember me hahaha! I will sent some pictures! I got sunburned pretty bad! This is a public apology to my wonderful father! I am sorry Dad for falling asleep in the car every time we drove, because on our way back from the service project we got stuck in traffic for 40 minutes and everyone in the car took a nap hahah except me because that's dangerous.

      We have been giving this spiritual thought to a lot of the ward members! It is a well known story out of the bible it is found in mark 5:25-35 It is about the woman with an issue of blood! This woman had so many challenges, because of her sickness she was considered an unclean person and anybody that touched her or that she touched was also considered an unclean person by law. she had sold every thing that she had to pay the doctors but they could not heal her. I can't even imagine how alone she must have felt! But she heard about Jesus Christ and had faith enough to fight through a crowd and touch the edge of his clothing! What amazes me from her experience is how much faith she had! There were people all around Christ, bumping into him and touching him with out even noticing what they were doing, just happy to be close to Him. But this woman, with only one touch was healed instantly of all of her afflictions! This question came to mind. Do we relate more to the crowd or the woman with the issue of blood? Do we have faith that we can be cleansed when ever we come in contact with Christ, whether it be through our personal nightly prayers, or at the sacrament table on Sunday? This had a profound effect on me! I know that our Savior can heal us, and that he is always right there wating for us! All we have to do is have the faith that we can be healed! I know that Christ lives and that through Him we can have eternal life! I'm so glad that I am able to have the knowledge that there is more beyond this life, and I feel so blessed that I am able to have two years to focus on sharing it! If you have any friends that are struggling share the peace that comes from the message of Christ!!! It will bless you and them!  I love you all so much.

Have a great week

Love Elder Wiser

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