Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January 31, 2016

I'm pretty sure that January didnt exist because it went by so fast! I feel like yesterday I was on skype calling home and now its February! It has been a really good week! There was some definite miracles in Churchill Park ward! The ward has been making missionary orientated goals and so everyone is getting really excited about missionary work and they have been asking for materials to hand out to their friends and neighbors! It makes me so happy to have the support of the ward! and there are a few part-member families that have been coming to church! There are three Philipeno families and all of the husbands are non-members and they are all related! So they throw these big BBQ's Philipeno style and invite us to come and then we get to share spiritual thoughts at the end to this huge group of people! Its really amazing! and there was a 20 year old girl that moved in with a family in the ward! her name is Bridget! she likes to sit in on the messages that we share with the family and we are going to invite her to start taking the lessons really soon!

      This week we were able to have interviews with President Maxwell! its always so amazing to talk to that man, the spirit shows in his countinence. so after a long wait it was finally my turn to be interviewed and it was a really short one! basically he asked me if I was good? I said yes. He asked me if Elder Morones is an obedient missionary? I said yes? He asked how the family was? I said good. and then we had a prayer. haha it was not long at all but it honestly inspired me so much! I know that President Maxwell is called of God to be the mission president. In the white hand book it says that, a leaders influence is best felt when the missionary feels the leaders love and sincerety, and I know that President Maxwell really cares about me and wants me to succeed! I feel like the same applies to all leaders in the church! They really do care about us and they want us to succeed!  and they are willing to do all that they can to help us accomplish that.

        Big news again! last night the phone starts ringing really late and I though who would be calling this late! I have nobody that I need to talk to tonight! I pick up the phone and there is a big "PRESIDENT MAXWELL" on the screen  . .. . .I answered again and basically we had a simular conversation that we had in December! Elder Morones is getting emergency transfered to a place called Rose Bud. He leaves tomorrow! and I will be getting an Elder that has only one month left on his mission! his name is Elder Garcia-Kempf! but dont worry Elder Morones and I are not the cause. I feel bad for Elder Morones, he has already been emergency transfered twice from his trainers and he has only been out for two months. He is an amazing missionary though! and he will do great! I will update you more if I find anymore information about the sudden transfer. So the next day will be us packing up and preparing Elder Morones to leave his first area!

      But I am loving the mission! it is honestly the best thing that I could be doing! Its definately a growing experience but I have really realized how much Gods hand is in the work! He strengthens me every single day and gives me the energy that I need! I know this because me, Elder Wiser, could not accomplish the things that have been happening by myself! I can feel the extra strength and peace fill my heart every single day. and just as I know that my leaders love me I know that Christ loves me and he wants me to succeed even more! He knows how to best help me and he is doing it! I really pondered this scripture this week prov 3:5-6 the lord will direct us!
I love you all have a great week

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