Sunday, October 4, 2015

October 4, 2015

Its been another good week! so there has been a time change. We jumped an hour ahead down here, and didn't you guys fall back an hour? so our time change is even bigger! and it was conference weekend for you all, they will show conference this next coming sunday! I am honestly so excited! I cant wait!

      So this week we did heaps of service, we went to this less active family that haven't had contact from the church in like twenty years! but they had a bunch of huge trees fall over in their 10 acre property! so he asked if we would help him chop it all up and stack it! and so we started chopping away, but we had a lot of wood to get through and not that much time to do it! so I started to go as hard as I could! and after an hour or so of swinging as hard as I could, I looked down and my hands were bleeding! since I don't get to work in the yard anymore my hands have gone all soft and I lost all of my "callouses" (I don't know if that is how you spell that) but the tough bumps on my hands were gone! and so the axe made my hands bleed all over! it was all good so we kept chopping! but apparently we don't know how to stack wood because after we stacked a huge old pile ..... it fell over and we got to restack it hahah! the wife was very thankful that we helped them out so she cooked us a meal. I told her I was allergic to wheat and she assured me it would only be fish and vegetables! so I start eating this meal and it was delicious, it was salmon and some fried vegetables on this rice! and after eating the whole plate I asked what kind of rice it was, and she said "oh that's not rice darling that's pasta" ......... darn it ... it was rice shaped wheat! the man that invented that pasta must have hated gluten free people! i had already eaten heaps of wheat so i just finished the rest of it!

    So update on Lexi, we couldn't get in contact with her last weekend and so this Tuesday we decided to just stop by her house! she ended up being home and she felt so bad because she went into like a depression thing and didn't leave her room for three days and that's why she didn't make it to church or to the baptism! and she felt like we would be mad so she stopped answering our calls. but since we dropped by we assured here that we weren't man and then we ended up teaching her the word of wisdom! and guess what! she made a promise to herself years ago that she would never drink smoke.... and you guessed it drink coffee or tea! beacause she saw what they did to her mom! she was already living it even though nobody had ever told her! so she is just awesome but her mom doesn't really want her to get baptised until she is eighteen:( so we are working with the mom and resolving concerns. 

    We met with a new investigator named Isabell she is a member referral and she is so prepaired! sorry I am running out of time, I will update you on isabell next week! but I know that this gospel is true, and i love sharing it with people! one of my favourite scriptures to share with people is 3 NE 18:19-20 anything that we ask the father, as long as it is right, and as long as we have faith we can receive it! Heavenly Father WILL answer our prayers. I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week. 

love Elder Wiser

So this is our diverse district. from left to right (Fiji, Samoa, Taiwan, new Zealand, south Korea, America)

After Elder Liu learned how to do the "basic white girl" I thought I would teach him how to do moms version of basic white girl!

Ya that is a gluten free chicken and leek pie! a member made it for me! so awesome!

This whole house was covered in vine! we trimmed the whole thing with hand sheers! it was great!

This is lexi!

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