Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October 18, 2015

How is it going back in the big US? So this week was so busy! The ward council gave us 52 names that they want us to check up on, and make sure they are still alive! so we have been busting through that list! but we got transfer news this week!  I have been packing............the fridge because we are both staying in the mighty Mooroolbark area! its going to be another great transfer! 
So update on Lexi, we met with her a few times this week and she so prepared! we talked to her about missionary work and the importance of prayer and the Book of Mormon, and she just kept saying that she knows its what she is suppost to be doing and she explained it by saying "I'm like a moth going toward a bright light, I just cant stay away" and she keeps talking with her mom! her moms heart hasn't been softened yet, but I think if Lexi bears her powerful testimony to her mom then her mom will feel the spirit! it's amazing what the spirit can do to people!
Isabell has been really busy with moving this last week, so we haven't been able to meet up with her for a while, but she showed up at church and we set up an apt. of later this week! So I will let you know how it goes next week!
I don't know if I told you about Tiffany, but Tiffany is the daughter of Sheridan. Sheridan was baptised last year! and we have been trying to meet with Tiffany but she is always at her boyfriends house ..... so we will just keep trying! 
Funny experience for the week! We went on exhanges, and I was with Elder Solomon from NZ. As missionaries we sleep in the same room on different beds, and it turns out that Elder Solomon snores! but this isn't like normal snoring, or even really bad snoring, this is like TERRIBLE snoring!!!! Like to paint a picture in your mind, after about an hour of listening to him snore I had to pretend that I was motorcycling and his snoring was the engine to fall asleep haha but It kept waking me up. Do you know what blue tak is? It's like clay and you put it on the back of pictures and stick them to the wall! well I went into the living room at 2:00 in the morning and pulled all of the pictures of the wall and harvested the bluetak until I had enough to make earplugs hahah! so I slept with clay in me ears! 
But this week has been amazing, this Sunday there were heaps of less actives that came to church for the first time in months! We were really happy to see them there! church is amazing! I look forward to church every week! its so nice to just sit down and feel the spirit! it really is like recharging your spiritual batteries! I love this gospel so much! I pray for all of you! I love you all! have a great week

Love, Elder Wiser

so we made this stress ball out of balloons and ....... wheat flour. and it decided it wanted to explode all over me in the car haha #celiac4life

and elder liu and I thought we were ninjas for a little while.

this is the lunch of a life time! is a bacon egg cheese burger toped with more bacon and with a side of bacon and a extra large mountain dew!!!

look how big this remote controlled car is!! its a 2 stroke haha it is so loud!

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