Sunday, October 25, 2015

October 25, 2015

Gooday mate, from "Straya" (that's exactly how they say Australia)

Hey Everyone,

      So Mom, just so you know, they really take care of me down here! The ward has an obsession with trying out new gluten free meals, I get feed so much! I will eat dinner and then some other members will call us over and send us home with food, and then members just drop of heaps of food at the flat! So you don't have to worry about me getting fed down here!

Down under is great! I am really happy to stay in the area, it feels like people are finally starting to warm up to elder liu and I and so it feels like things are going now! The people here are really nice, its quite a different culture to Utah but the members are really strong and are really willing to help, in this ward anyway! I feel like I could be more effective, and I could be a better teacher but that is all a part of the learning curve I guess, so I just continue to study and try things out, I probably have changed but I still feel like the same human, does that make sense? like I am probably changing but slowly, I learn so much every day though, so much! I have learned heaps from my companions, especially Elder Liu about being attention to the little details and picking up on small hints and feelings! I love Elder Liu! I don't really think there is anything that I need! the members are really good to take care of my every need, I feel bad that people go so far out of there way to help me! 

    So this week was a little slow because it's the end of school and everyone has exams and so it seemed like nobody wanted to meet with us, especially the members. But we had lots of exciting things happen this week. To start off, one night we stopped by a less active mans home and he was having a bomb fire out in the back so we were sitting on some logs chatting with him and I felt this crawling feeling on my ankle, but he was in the middle of telling me a story and I didn't want to break eye contact so I didn't look down and told myself that it was just some grass touching my sock. After about five or so minutes I felt it again but this time it was right below my knee, so I casually looked down and saw the biggest spider I have ever seen in my life sprawled out on my leg!!! I wish I could say that I was manly but I honestly screamed like a little girl. haha I'm pathetic, because right after I hit it off my leg the guy just picked it up and was holding it! so I sent some pictures for you to see!

      On Saturday night we stopped by a BBQ (elders quorum activity) and they had a lamb on a spit turning over the fire and just reaching in and cutting pieces off. It was so good! but I found out some funny things this week, Australians think that wrestling is the weirdest thing in the world. They asked me if I like American football (they just call it gridiron) and I told them that my sport was wrestling and they just kind of give a real awkward nod and change the conversation! so I just tell people that I love to hunt and fish! 

   But there was a miracle this week! All of your prayers have been answered! Lexi met with us this week and said that her moms heart was softened and is allowing her to get baptised!!!!!! and the mom (Deb) wants to come so we set the date for Nov 7th so the mom could attend! Lexi is doing so good, she has changed from a shy quiet girl that never left her house to a really happy bubbly confident girl that is busy! She just got her first job! She overheard her mom telling one of her friends "Lexi is doing so good now, she is so much happier and she got a job . . . . its because of the Mormons" haha I about died when Lexi told me that! so we are really exited for that.

     Update on Isabel, there family is moving houses constantly and so they never have anytime to meet up with us. We just keep trying so set appts. So sooner or later she will accept! It's only a matter of time! she comes to church every Sunday with her friend so that is good! But it is all on the Lords time.

    So I had a really spiritual experience at church this Sunday! In class we were talking about the tree of life, and how we should never leave the safety of the tree and go to wander the halls of the great and spacious building. But one of the members said! It's not that we can't leave the tree! We need to get a pot, plant our own tree of life and carry that thing with us where ever we go, sometimes we find ourselves in situations that are not very good! But if we take the gospel and the spirit with us and plant little trees of life where ever we go, then everything will be alright! I really liked that! The gospel is there to strengthen us in times of need! all we have to do is live it! The gospel is such a blessing and I am so happy that I get to take two years of my life and spread the joy that it brings to Australia! I love you all! have an amazing week!

Love Elder Wiser!

this was such a geat reunion, it was at transfer meeting! this is almost everyone from the mtc except elder porter and sister Johnson.

so this is my mission grandad!!!! elder Lindsay he trained elder liu and elder liu trained me haha

so this is the huntsman spider! they can get as big as my hand haha

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