Monday, September 28, 2015

September 27, 2015

Hey everyone! 

It was another great week down in "straya" that's how the people here say Australia! I have some funny experiences. So this week is a school holiday and the weather started to warm up! It hit like 80 degrees or something. I'm not good at converting C to F yet, but since it was so nice, nobody was home. Literally nobody! So we just knocked on heaps of doors! 

Funny experience of the week. Elder Liu was talking about his hobbies and he said that he just spent all of his time on the computer because his major is designing computer chips! and so he said that he loves his computer and then he went to make a joke about how when he gets married he will have to tell his wife that he is a polygamist because he is going to marry her and his computer. But since he has a slight language barrier he just said, "ya I'm going to have to tell my wife about my pornography" and then we just sat there in really really awkward silence until I said "Elder Liu do you know what pornography is?" and he was like "ya, its when you marry more than one girl". and so I had to explain the difference between polygamy and pornography hahah. 

       This week I was introduced to the greatest sauce ever! its called hot English mustard! and to me it tastes exactly like some really zippy wasabi! so Elder Liu and I put heaps of it on everything that we eat, sandwiches, any meat, I eat it with plain bread, and I will confess that I did put some hot English mustard with my peach yogurt! ya it sounds nasty but this stuff is really good! but when I say it is hot I mean that it is HOT! like I put some on some plain bread and I probably got a little enthusiastic with the amount, but it burned so bad down the back of my neck and up into my sinuses that it gave me a bloody nose! ahhhh butI\ I still eat it. Wow I apologize because I feel like the stories I told this week are really weird ones.
But with Rebecca(car crash) we set up an appt. for this coming Tuesday so hopefully we will be able to talk with her. and we had some really cool experiences with Lexi! we met with her twice this week but her mom doesn't want us to meet at the house, so we meet her at the chapel. but she can't drive until she is eighteen and so she has to take the bus! she showed up really late to one of our meetings and she seemed really calm and she just said "I got lost and I couldn't find the chapel and so I decided to say a prayer and then I found my way" ya that is prayer first hand! but this weekend we invited her to a baptism and she didn't show up :( so we waited for the whole time out in front and she never came. and then she didn't show up to church this Sunday! We don't know what happened so we are going to try and meet with her tomorrow! 
but I learned a really cool thing at church this week. So eagles build there nests out of thorns! ya that doesn't  seem like a comfy home to me. but they fill it with nice soft feathers so that there baby's have a nice place to live! and when the baby comes of age the mother scratches out all of the feathers so that it exposes all of the thorns and so the baby is forced to jump on to the mothers back. If the mother didn't scratch out the feathers then the baby would never leave. Then the mom takes the baby high into the sky and then drops it, and the baby has to learn how to fly or it falls. Right before it falls the mom catches it and takes it back up and drops it again until it learns. I feel like this relates to us! Some times we feel like we are really going through a rough time and that no good can come from it, but if we trust in our Heavenly Father then we can learn to "fly" Psalms 34:8 "O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man who trustith in him". Well I love you all and I hope you have a great week 

Much love
Elder Wiser

this dog! it is huge! the picture does no justice to how large that animal is! and the picture was snapped right as it slobbered all over my face! but the owner of the dog was an avid atheist so he was not interested:(

this is Australia for you. on the left side of the picture its all sunny and happy and on the right side its like a crazy rain storm! everyone always says here " if you don't like the weather, then wait for 20 minutes" haha

I got your package! I was so excited! I love you!
oh and good news, the spiderman shirt fits! I have put on weight but I still fit into a small shirt ;) I wore it the first day I got it for some service.
so i taught elder liu how to do "the basic white girl" pose! he does it very well!
look im eating a donut!!! and its free of all the gluten! the members in the ward go and buy me heaps of gluten free stuff from one of the dozens of gluten free bakeries around here.

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