Monday, September 21, 2015

September 20, 2015

hey everyone!

wow, i know that i say this every week but this week was crazy and time is going by so fast! i had some really weird experiences this week! so for the first time i felt comfortable driving on Australian roads! i was just sitting in the passenger seat and i thought "wow i think im getting used to being on the wrong side of the road" i was really proud of my self until i realized that we were actually on the right side of the road and there was a car coming strait on! elder liu was driving on the wrong side of the road for i don't even know how long! hahah but its okay we didn't get into a crash! and i am getting known in the Mooroolbark ward for having "different" ways of finding people to teach! first i had the car crash with Rebecca and then this week i was on excanges with the district leader elder kim. and we didn't have the car that day so we were walking to an appointment. we were on the main street when all of a sudden elder kims nose just exploded with blood! that sounds pretty gross but he had a really bad bloody nose! so we knocked on the first door we could find and this man named alan answered! he was pretty concerned about elder kims bloody nose, but after a while elder kim just stuffed a whole bunch of toilet paper up his nose! even though he still had blood ALL OVER his face and toilet paper hanging out of his nose he introduced the book of Mormon into the conversation and then bore a super solid testimony and then i was able to share how i felt right after and alan wants to meet up with us this week! so there are quite a few ways to find people to teach: GQ, trackting, working with members, car crashes, and bloody noses;)
      so update on Rebecca (car crash), we cant get ahold of her :( she went to northern Australia and now we cant get contact! i hope we can get in touch with her soon! her family needs the gospel! but i guess its all on the lords time! 
    so algie this week! elder liu was the key! we couldn't really figure out his concerns but when elder liu started to ask questions we figured them out! algie has a burning testimony of the gospel! he said that joseph smith had to be a prophet and that our church had the priesthood authority! he believes in the book of Mormon and everything! but he has some habits that he doesn't want to change! he said that god "could" help him change but he is not ready!!! man that kills me! i know how much it would help him, and not only spiritually and mentally, his health would improve but he does not want to change! so we are going back again this week to see if he has had a desire to change.
    we found a golden investigator this week! her name is lexi! she is 17. we found her right after we were leaving a less active members home! it was dark out side and she was really far away and it would seem super creepy but the thought "talk with everyone" came into my head with some serious conviction! so i just yelled heeeeeeeyyyy hhhhooooowww arrrreee youuuu! and she turned out to be the most keen person we have met! we taught her the plan of salvation on Friday and she came to church this sunday (all three hours) and we are going to teach her the restoration on Tuesday! she said that she couldn't find a purpose in life but she thinks the gospel is what she is looking for! i will update you more next week! but the scripture that i have really been loving is 1 ne 7:12 the lord is able to do all things as long as we have faith! i know that this gospel can bless anyone who accepts it and lives it! its just a matter of getting it to everyone! but the lord places people in our way, all we have to do is keep our eyes open. i love you all so much! have an amazing week

love elder wiser
hey I decorated my room! elder liu thought that my flag wasn't big enough hahah!

this is the Williams family. brother Williams is the second councillor in the ward! his son wearing all red is probably the most energetic kid I have ever met. his name is Kingston. Kingston and I are celiac buddies.

so mom this is algie! he is our investigator that has had such a hard life! he is just turning 73.

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