Sunday, September 13, 2015

September 13, 2015

Hello! Wow time goes by so fast! Its so crazy! But Elder Gunnell went back to the big US this week! it was probably the most awkward goodbye I have ever had! Elder Gunnell hates goodbyes so instead of saying goodbye he just walked away! hahah we were just chatting about how his mission went and then without a word he just left to America! haha have you met him yet?;) but I got my new companion! He is a champ his name is Elder Liu (pronounced Leo)! He is from Taiwan. He has been out for seven months. He has an amazing story, he was baptised when he was twenty years old and when he was twenty one he baptised his father! and then when he was twenty three he came on his mission. He is still learning English but for only knowing it for seven months he is doing fantastic! He is very very positive! We get along really well. He went to college for four years before he came out! His major is in electrical engineering! So he designs and builds computer chips! so he is super smart! but I never realized how much I didn't know until I he asked me to explain really easy words like "court" or "fault line"  he asked me about the mountains in Utah and I started to explain fault lines and he said what is that? so I said "its where two tectonic plates come together" and then he said "what tectonic mean" . . . how do you explain tectonic! I actually don't know what that means hahah! but its all fun.
     So I am the only American in my district. our district leader elder Kim is from south Korea (in the car on the left), and his companion elder Solomon is from new Zealand. Then Elder Liu from Taoyuan Taiwan, and Elder Wiser from Merka. and then Elder Viuga is from Samoa and his companion Elder Matoua is from Fiji! yes that is a very divers district. and we all are very young, the district leader and his comp and Elder Viuga have been out for four months and then I have been out for two, Elder Liu has been out for 7 and Elder Matoua is the oldest at 17 months =) so we are just going for it! together we don't have very much experience and so all we can do is try our best!
   So I told you about Rebecca, the lady that we got in a car crash and then wanted to get baptized, she went on vacation with her family so we haven't been able to catch up with her yet!! so we are really excited for her to return!
      So this Thursday we went to do two hours of service for a family in the district leaders ward! and we were the only ones that showed up, besides the immediate family! so we were supposed to help move them out of their house. it ended up being seven hours because only us four elders came and the rest of the family just smoked and told us what to move hahahah it was the best! we were running in between loads trying to get it done before dark! so we didn't get any time in our area that day -_- the new district leader felt really bad, but he promised us blessings for helping and he said that we would find a lot more people that were interested in the gospel! and that exact thing happened! on Sunday! everyone that we met wanted to learn more! and one of the familes in the ward brought a non member friend named Isabella, and she is so keen to learn more! what a blessing so I will let you know how it goes next week! but the lord truly does bless everyone when we try our best D&C 82:8-10 the Lord will bless us if we do what is right! I love my mission so much! the Lord blesses and uplifts me every single day. I love you all! have a great week!

love Elder Wiser

its crazy haha I talk really fast so they can't really understand me.

So this first picture is a picture of Elder Gunnell and I burning his suit the night before he left! we doused it in gas ! ya it was a huge fire

This Is my mission family! Elder Gunnell is in the center he is my trainer and then on the right is Elder Stokes! He is my mission brother hahahaha

so this is my district! and my new companion Elder Liu (Leo)! he is from Taiwan!Fiji, South Korea, Samoa, New Zealand and Taiwan
These are some cool families we met! The selfie is the Bryer family! The man wearing the BYU shirt holds the top two world records for para-olympic shotput! He is so ripped! He took the gold medal in the Olympics!  
     The second family with the orbs hanging from the ceiling! They are the Brooks family! She is a celiac!! yay fellow celiacs and so they take care of me really well with food! I love it!

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