Monday, February 6, 2017

February 5, 2017

So first off, I would like to start off with some breaking news. . . dum dum da duummm. It is transfers again (going by way to fast) and president gave me a call and let me know that I would be leaving Cranbourne. . . there are so many people that I love here! I served in Cranbourne for 7 1/2 months. I will never forget the people that I met in this beautiful place! But I will be moving into another area called Doncaster in Maroonda stake! I started my mission in a different ward in Maroonda stake so it will be good to be back. I will be trippled into Doncaster and you will never guess who my two new companions are. . . . . . Elder Shreeve, that wonderful elder that served in the same zone as me last transfer and we became the best of friends and also Elder Bryce Wheeler. YES!! Bryce Wheeler from Pleasant View Utah! The very same elder that I went to school with! What are the chances!!! I'm so excited to serve with these two saints! The blessing is all mine!

 Today we got permission to go down to Southern Cross station in Melbourne city to see all the Book of Mormon adverts (advertisements) it was so crazy! So the famous Book of Mormon play has come to Melbourne, and to help people understand what the Book of Mormon is really about. They filled one of the biggest public transport stations with ads for the Church and websites. If you want to see more check out Book of Mormon Southern Cross station! We took some of the greatest pictures of all time. Sadly my digital camera broke so I'm getting it fixed this week, but I will be able to send you all of the pictures next week once I get them transferred to my usb! 

    Last week I told you that I would update you on Dorothy! Dorothy is 83 years old! and she is so excited to learn about the Gospel. in PMG it says that you can tell when people are Progressing because they recognise you as servants of the Lord and keep the commitments that you leave with them! Dorothy calls us her three mentors and she goes above and beyond on all of the commitments we leave her. She has read up to Jacob 5 out of the  Book of Mormon and she says  "there is power in this book, whenever I read it I feel this wonderful presence, something that urges me to keep reading" and she often stays up well past midnight because she gets so caught up in the stories that she looses track of time! Last week their was a baptism for other elders in the zone and we invited along Dorothy, just so she could experience it! She sat next to me and was very excited the whole time! The spirit was so strong and I knew that she had felt it. After the baptism I asked her how she felt . . ."complete peace" she said, and so I asked her when she would like to get baptised and she said rather quickly " TOMORROW". But she ended up going home and praying about a date in her head and that day is March 11th. She is beyond ready, and she asked me to give a talk at her baptism just to ensure that I would be able to come back! Its so amazing to see her excitement with the gospel, it is never to late to kindle or re kindle our feelings of God. Whenever we increase our commitment to Him we will be blessed, and be able to feel the exact same joy that Dorothy is feeling! and I feel the joy to! If you do missionary work you will find joy! I invite you to look for that one person that keeps coming to your mind whether they are a member or not and invite them to partake of the gospel! 1 ne 8:10.

      I know that reading the Book of Mormon strengthens our relationship with God! When we express our love for him through keeping All his commandments, then we immediately are enveloped in his love! its Part of Gods plan that we are happy, because he loves us! 

have a great week. 
let me know what your friend says when you extend an invitation to the Gospel.

love Elder Wiser

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