Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February 19, 2017

Elder Wiser has a birthday on March 4th
If you would like to write him a birthday message here is his address:

Elder Stanton Wiser
Australia Melbourne Mission
76 Cathie's lane
Wantirna South VIC 3152

Here is his letter from this week-

So this has been a roller coaster of a week. We had a lot of ups and downs. At the beginning of the week we found out what day Elder Shreeve would get his flight home. A few of his flights were cancelled on the way home so he ended up staying the night alone in a hotel! Most terrifying thing! But he made it home safe and he should be having surgery this coming Tuesday! I miss him to death. But he will be back serving after the surgery! So I sent a picture of our last night together! We stayed in the mission home with President and Sister Vidmar. 

MIRACLE: We received a referral last week from the city missionaries. They had met a young lad and he said that he was interested. So once we got his details we went over to his house. Blake is 17 years old, he just moved from Vietnam two weeks ago. He moved by himself and is living with a Chinese host family. He cannot communicate with them unless he uses a translator. So he is in a foreign land by himself. He expressed his desire to learn if their was a God. He felt like something has been missing and he doesn't have a direction! We shared with him the message of the restoration and how God, in a great expression of love, restored His full gospel back to the earth today. We have the ability to find out the truth for ourselves by praying! He said a very sincere closing prayer and asked for a witness if God is really there. He also said "if this is the true church then I am willing to join. He is working towards the baptismal date of March 18! its so cool to see how the Lord works. Elder Wheeler and I still don't really know the area but after praying and fasting people are coming out of the woodworks. I love missionary work! Its so rewarding! even though I am imperfect, if I have the right desires, then the Lord uses me as an instrument! There is nothing greater than seeing peoples lives change for the better! I love this Gospel so much! It is true! The fullness of the Gospel is on the earth. Its the same church that Jesus Christ set up! There is a prophet on the earth that has the authority to say "thus sayeth the Lord." "If you have desires to serve God you are called to the work, the field is white already to harvest"!

I love you all

please keep sending your miracles I love them

Love Elder Wiser and Wheeler (from the 801)

This is a sketchy bowling alley in the middle of no where
on the top floor of a rundown building!
But we had a good time! I bowled 138 and 133
which I felt good about until the owner,
who was blind bowled standing backwards and
got two strikes! haha he was the man!

so we had a mission visit by Steven B Allen
(head director of the missionary department for 18 years)
and we decided to match as a zone!
so we are all wearing navy blue!

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