Monday, February 27, 2017

February 26, 2016

wow what a week, congrats to my lovely sister and Connor who are now engaged! I'm very excited for the both of you. And thank you for picking a date so I can attend to! love you both.

Things have been going wonderfully! Elder Wheeler and I get along so well that its not even funny, actually it is pretty funny. Elder Wheeler doubles between a champion of a missionary and a comedian. We are seriously laughing all of the time, he specializes in puns, we have a bunch written down and I will have to send them sometime.

The ward is doing really well. We have been finding a lot of new people to teach and its been wonderful. It took us a while to be able to get our footing. but we have a pro active ward mission team that makes everything so much better! His name is brother Scanlan, he is from Samoa, he is so faithful! Brother Scanlan is all about action so we are planning a giant party (luau) however you spell it, the Hawaiian party. and a huge chapel tour, its going to take a lot to get it all together but hopefully it goes smooth. This last week him and a few of the other ward missionaries came out and went tracting with us, I think that was my first time on the mission! It really stood out to me because some people view ward missionary as an "easy" calling, but every single calling in the church is important! everyone plays a vital role, every person has the chance to exceed what they thought was possible as long as they petition the Lord! I love the Gospel and the way that it is organized. As Elder Uchtdorf said, "stand close together and lift where you stand" he said that while talking about moving a grand piano but then he related it to the gospel! lifting in your designated spot/calling. "nobody can or should try to move a piano alone, The same is with the church" everyone needs to lift together! and God will help us when we don't feel we have enough strength. 

so I had a big growing moment this week. Since we serve in a predominantly Chinese area, the previous missionaries set up English teaching class. That responsibility fell on Elder Wheelers and my shoulders. I don't know if you remember my English skills back at home but they were less than average. I wish you could have seen my trying to explain to Peter, a Chinese man, (and also myself) what a vowel was and why they are so important. Good thing Elder Wheeler is a master and saved the day! We will be teaching again every week but we will be better prepared next week. 

Thank you for all those that sent Chinese words, they helped,
and thanks for sending the miracles that you have! I love them! keep sending missionary experiences.

love Elder Wiser

I believe I can fly

This is the sweetest lady ever her name is Katie
we found her while trying to find a less active in her area.
She loves the book of Mormon! so great!

This is when we went tracting on elder street!
I thought it was effective.

a cool jump photo,
we had to take 50 to get this one to turn out good.

and balancing act.

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