Sunday, August 7, 2016

July 31, 2016

This week was really good. Time has been flying so fast. We have seen a lot of good things going on. We have been finding some new people to teach, and there are some people that really want to be baptised in August. Which is exactly what we help people with. but we had a couple of "build ups" and that means people that build up our hopes and then don't pull through. We had one investigator that called us out of nowhere and said he wanted to be baptised he had been taught all the lessons but just needed a refresher and so we met with him and taught him but then he went home and blocked our phone number haha so that was odd, but maybe now is not his time. and one of the other ones named Joel has been working a lot and hasn't responded back to us. But The Lords time is perfect. absolutly perfect. and so I know that he will take care of those two souls and they will have their time. 

        Elder Halsey and I are getting along great! He is so funny, and he is a good teacher as well. We have this new competition going on. and its bowling. We have a good bowling alley in our area and we got permission to go on Mondays and so we bowled this week with the whole zone. I didn't realize how competitive missionaries were but I won one game and lost really really bad the next two. They were all laughing at me and saying that it was the pride cycle in action. Sometimes we feel like we are doing really good and we get cut down haha. But we all have weeknesses that we may be humble (Ether 12:27) and when we are humble our weeknesses become strengths. I know that God wants us to succeed. He will give us the opportuninties that will shape us into the best person. Sometimes they aren't the ones we want but Gods timing is perfect.
I love you all! have a fantastic week
has anyone had any missionary stories?
love elder wiser

this is a very nice salad from the Mcdonalds down here taking the healthy alternatives.

this is our shed in the back yard. . . . .kinda got destroyed in the wind storms haha
and this is our ward mission leader. . . he is honestly the funniest guy haha 
this is a picture of about half the zone after zone P-day

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