Sunday, August 21, 2016

August 21, 2016

Hello everyone! It has been an amazing week in the great Australia Melourne Mission! AMM. We got transfer news this week. and . . . . . . . . Elder Halsey and I get to stay another transfer! We are excited ! It's going to be amazing.
So last week we were able to go to Philips Island at the bottom of Australia! it was great. We got to see koalas, they don't really do much, but it was really cool to see them. and we went to the beautiful look out on the other side of the island! It feels like it was fake because it was so beautiful! I hope you like the pictures.
     So we are still working with that woman named Barbara, she is so kind, she had a good meeting with bishop and enjoys being taught, her baptism is planned for this weekend, we will let you know hoe it goes. and we recieved some tender mercies. We had a weekly planning session and talked about a lot of things we could do to find more poeple to teach and so we took those ideas to the Lord in prayer. Right after we walked out to get in the car, our neigbor accross the street waved to me and said "what do you do?" GOLDEN QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so I walked over and we started to chat! It turns out that he has a wife and three teenage kids and his wife and him split up after 20 years just the day previous. He was struggling! He said when he saw us he felt like we could help for some reason and so he called us over. He laughed because he was asking advice from a 19 year old when he has a 20 year old son hahaha but he still listened. He had to go so we set up a return appointment. Such a miracle. We prayed sincerely and then Heavenly Father answered us, I know that it was not a coincidence. And then two amazing families in the ward gave us some solid referals that we will be teaching! Heavenly Father really does love each of us and he wants to answer our prayers, all we have to do is try our best! I love being on the mission because we get to see miracles like this all the time. But these miracles can be seen anywhere they are sought after!
have a great week
 love Elder Wiser

we went to philip island in the mission van elder jeremiah elder jensen and elder fiaui and elder jensen and elder halsey and myself!


the look out on philips island

and us by our broken shed

 random pictures an eclips with the moon

this is the teremate family, all the missionaries just call them Mum and Dad. they take such good care of us!

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