Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 25, 2016

This week was another awesome week! Every day on the mission is just awesome! My companion and I got some new hobbies the last few weeks. I would have never guessed that I would have enjoyed them but we have started to play tennis with the members on preperation day! its so much harder than I expected! but its way fun! and the other hobbie is double dutch jump roping! The one that all of the elementry school girls do where they spin two ropes in opposite directions and you jump in the middle hahah Elder Ferris and I both really like jump roping and we decieded to try the "dutching" and now the whole zone is in on it and we wake up early to meet and "dutch" for our morning excercise hahaha who would have known!
       But our area is doing really good, our most progressing investigatior is named Adam. He is a 12 year old and he lives with his Grandma who is a member. He asks some really deep doctrine questions but we are just focusing on building his testimony. He is working to be baptized on the 21 of May. and we are really excited for him. and we found some new investigators this week that we are excited to meet with again next week. but we had a miracle. this woman in our ward asked us for a blessing. she is about to go on a mission and she is the only member in her family and her family is against the church, when she told her mom she was going on a mission her mother stopped telling her that she loved her.  she has been struggling finding work to save up for her mission, and she was sick all at the same time. so she asked if we could give her a blessing, and in the blessing there was some really big promises about her health and work and also about the softening of her families hearts. but two days later she texted us and told us that after the blessing she recovered from her sickness in time to go to a job interview that she got. and not only did they want her to start, they wanted her to start the very next day, and they increased her pay to way more that she had expected! it was a strong testimony builder of the priesthood power! it is truly Gods power on the earth today, i felt so blessed to be able to participate in that blessing. I know that our prophet and apostles are lead by that exact same power! if you are struggling with anything and you dont feel like there is anything else you can do, than ask for a priesthood blessing. its amazing to see the Lords hand in the work every single day! When we do our best then the Lord will take care of the rest, but only if we do our best :) I love you all so much, I hope that you have an amazing week, I'm praying for you always!
Love Elder Wiser

this is a liquid cooled computer. . . . . . . .one of the former members of the church invited us into his house while tracting to show us his new hobbie. he likes to build computers that have radiatiors!

this is the tongatukino family ! we are teaching their 8 year old daughter the missionary lessons before she is baptized! this is tj he is so cute!

the sisters baked us a cake, and as a miracle for nan right after we did the fast for grandma!

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