Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 17, 2016

It has been a wonderful week, this week was my first week in my new area Cranbourne with Elder Halsey from Baltamor Maryland and my companion! Our area is one of the fastest growing areas in Melbourne, it has on average 80 new people move in a day. So lots of people to work with. but the area is growing really fast just this week we were able to find three new investigators that are looking really good
    The first ones name is Joel, biggest miracle ever. Elder Halsey taught Joel in one of his last areas but he was living with his partner and wasnt ready quite then, but then we found Joel in Cranbourne and started teaching him again! He works in the navy and is about 26 years old, probably one of the most humble people I have ever taught! He read the Book of Mormon the whole time that he wasnt meeting with missionaries and he just kept saying!" I dont even know what questions I have but I am looking for their answers. and I feel like somethings missing in my life, but when I read the Book of Mormon and meet with people from your church I feel so happy and I feel at home" so he is fully prepared! We are so excited to keep teaching him! He accepted a baptismal date on August and is progressing towards it really nicely! and he got married to his partner and they are expecting a baby soon. He wants his family to be raised in the gospel.  It reconfirmed my testimony that Gods timing is perfect! He knows exacly what we need right when we need it! and so we can trust in him! and we found two other people that accepted baptismal dates, their names are Aaron and Shane! I will update you more next week on them and their story
     But I found a chapter in the Book of Mormon that I really really love it is Mormon chapter 9 it talks miracles and the atonement and the plan of salvation and faith! I studied it all this week and it has changed my perspective on what faith really is! I invite you to read it with any question in mind!  It means so much to me that God is a God of miracles, he is the same yesterday today and forever! There were miracles in the Old and New Testament! There were miracles in Joseph Smiths time and there are miracles now! We all need miracles in our life! I know that God lives and that he loves us! Have a great week
Love Elder Wiser
This is of a man we found taking a nap in his car, "dont let smoking tire you out, smoke and sleep at the same time, its a new activity called smeeping"  

This is my new companion Elder Halsey!

This is a picture of the wetlands by our house so thats pretty cool

This is great! its called balut, it is a premature duck egg and you crack it open and suck out the juice and then eat this duck right out of the shell hahah it is kinda like a boiled egg but you can see the head and eyes and soft bones and feathers and stuff hahaha it is a philipino delicacy. so we enjoyed eating that at a members home hahah

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